How Do I Know if My Hardwood Floors Need Refinishing in Winchester, VA; Worn Spots, Scratches & More

All homeowners will claim to simply love their wooden floors. It is a well worth investment to their home. However just like any material, it requires maintenance. Solid hardwood floors will occasionally need to be refinished. When a wood floors need to be refinished it often involves stripping the floor, sanding the wood and resealing the wood to maintain a smooth and protected finish. However, most homeowners will wait way too long before they have their floor refinished. Mike’s Custom Flooring will share a few signs that you need to refinish your wood floor to ensure your investment lasts.

Worn Spots on Hardwood Floors

In areas with high foot traffic such as the kitchen, hallways, and living rooms, the wood floor will have worn spots. Worn spots may appear as faded trails in the wood. They may have scratches and even appear dry. Due to the frequent foot traffic, the wood’s protective sealer often gets worn away the fastest creating worn spots in the floor. To prevent damage to the wood it is important that the wood floor gets refinished when these wear down spots occur.

Hardwood Flooring Water Test Fail

To know if your wood floor needs to be refinished you can also perform a water test. This test is simple. Pour a small amount of water on any spot of the floor. What did the water do? If the water splashed into tiny droplets that stand on the surface of the wood, it passed the water test and your wood floor is fine. However, if the water soaks into the wood, this indicates the sealer is mostly gone and moisture and other contaminates can get inside the wood. After finishing the wood, the sealer will prevent water form soaking inside the wood.

Deep Scratches on Wooden Floors

Over time it is natural for micro scratches to occur on the floor’s surface. However, when deeper scratches begin to appear on the floor, this can become a problem. Deep scratches can expose the inner layer of the wood which makes it prone to water damage as well as dry damage. Additionally, deep scratches make the wood look old and worn. When deep scratches appear it is a good time to have the wood floor refinished.

Wood Floor Discoloration

When the sealer wears down the wood can become lightened after extended periods of time when exposed to the sun. The sun can dry out the wood and even discolor the wood making it appear lighter. When the wood is dry and light, it is never a good sign. Dry wood will lead to major splits and cracks in the wood and often the wood will need to be replaced. When discoloration occurs, have the wood refinished. Additionally, areas exposed to sunlight should be protected with a rug or furniture if possible.

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Wood requires some maintenance from time to time. Most wood floors can go between 5 to 10 years in between refinishes. However, wood floors exposed to heavy traffic or are neglected; it will require more frequent refinishes. It is important to know how to care for wood floors to ensure its longevity. If you need professional help installing or refinishing your home’s wood floors, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today.

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