How Do I Stop My Hardwood Floors from Squeaking in Leesburg, VA? Dehumidify, Repairs & More

You may have a spot or two that squeaks if you are a homeowner with wood flooring. When you’re trying to be quiet, one that you never fail to walk on. If you step on it wrong, a spot that you know will wake up your sleeping child. It doesn’t matter where the squeak is, you want it fixed and peace of mind it is done right. Thankfully, there is a solution to the noisy floor issue. The cause behind all squeaky, creaky floors is where to start. To fix the problem, you must first determine what is making your floor move. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to discuss the common issues involving the squeaking wood floors.

Why Would Hardwood Floors Squeak?

Problems with the Subfloor. The culprit of squeaky floors may be a subfloor. It can be one of the most common causes of an unwanted squeak when subfloors are uneven. The space between the top floor is allowing movement when the subfloor is uneven. Also, it could be the base structures or joists holding it up that makes the subfloor uneven. Another problem could simply be the quality of your subfloor. It will not be able to do its job if your subfloor is inefficient, old, or damaged by water. As most know a major enemy of hardwood floors is water. The subfloor won’t be able to hold nails and or any other fasteners if it is beyond repair. Both of which can shift and cause creaking and other noises, the lack of nails and fasteners will lead to loose subfloor and/or top floor.
Joist Issues. To span an open space, a joist is a horizontal structural member used in framing. They make up the framework and base since the joists are beneath your floor and subfloor. Effective joists will stabilize your subfloor, which will prevent any movement from occurring. Your floor will be loose and cause movement if there is a problem with your joists. Joists that are warped, loose, or improper installation will cause such movement. You may want to contact a professional should you suspect that it may be a joist issue. To confirm your suspicions, you will need access to the basement or where the joists are. By looking up at the joists supporting your floor, a technician will be able to spot any issues.
Squeaking that is Seasonal. At certain times of the year, you may notice that your floor only squeaks then. No matter if they are solid or engineered, all hardwood floors are made of real wood. Due to their nature, seasonal temperature and humidity changes will cause the wood to expand and contract. It’s actually normal if there is a slight change in your floors. It may just mean the dry winter hair has caused your wood floor to contract should your floors start to squeak in winter. Squeaking sounds are produced from this contraction that gives your floor more movement. When humidity levels return to a stable level between 40%- 60%, this squeaking should subside.
Repairing Squeaking Floors. It is in your better interest to consult with a pro since it is too common for DIY to leave your wood floors in worse conditions than they started. DIY repairs frequently cause bigger and more pricier issues.

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