Is Maple Good for Hardwood Floors in Lovettsville, VA? Does this Flooring Scratch, Dent & Stain Easily?

In many circumstances, the perfect solution for those who want neutral hardwood floors to match their décor are maple wood floors. With grain pattern that are subtle than oak and hickory, maple floors feature clean and light hues like flowing water. Known for their aesthetic beauty and durability, maple wood flooring is easily assumed that their popularity for maple flooring for contemporary and traditional interiors. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to offer some reasons as to why maple wood floors are a good choice for your flooring needs.

Do Maple Hardwood Floors Scratch, Dent & Stain Easily?

Being one of the most durable and dense hardwood flooring you can find, maple has a Janka rating (hardness) of 1450. It is also quite resistant of dings and dents. Because of its subtle grain patterns, you may find scratches easily, however. You can use it in your home as it would last for decades with little or no maintenance as maple floors are extremely durable. Maple is often used in bowling alleys, where the foot traffic is high, all because of its durability and hardness. Also, among furniture manufacturers and cabinet builders, it is the first choice.

Can Maple Hardwood Floors Be Refinished?

You do have the capabilities of refinishing maple hardwood flooring if the occasion calls for it. You must start by inspecting the floor to see if it needs refinishing to begin with. Start by filling gaps and cracks on the floor with floor putty once you notice the floor needs refinishing. Allow it to thoroughly dry, it may take some time. Vacuum or sweep the floor for the next step. It will help you remove the dust, and you can sweep the floor too. Using needle nose pliers, just hammer down nails and remove all carpet staples from the floor. Additionally, you will need to smooth off the floor edges and sand down the floor. In order to smoothen the floor edge, use power floor. Use the floor edge and bring it down gradually to the floor. With fine grit sandpaper, finish off by sanding the floor finally. Before you start sanding, look for gaps and splits and fill those with floor putty. Clean the floor and apply Maple stain evenly.

What is Better Wood Oak or Maple?

While maple has a hardness of 1450, oak has a hardness of 1290. Maple flooring is highly durable and last for several decades, though oak is durable when it comes to durability. It is a common problem with oak trees can affect its strength, oak is heavier and Blight as well. As it has a better resistance to dents or scratches, Maple wood flooring is suitable for both high and low traffic areas.

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