Are Dark Wood Floors Better in Oak Grove, VA? What Does Darker Hardwood Flooring Do a Room?

There is an element of quality to your home when you use dark hardwood flooring. As a timeless and ever trendy one that conveys a bold message, there is no surprise that it is a very popular interior solution nowadays. With dark alpine flooring, the most beautiful contrasts are achieved, which are smart options for each room, including the hallway and kitchen. Where your family and friends would enjoy a welcoming setting, the ideal scenario is to design a dark wood floor living room. In addition to being decorative, living rooms with dark wood floors are also a durable choice that withstands damage and high traffic. With this in mind, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to continue discussing the benefits of dark wood floors.

What Do Dark Floors Do to a Room?

Important Notes When Using Dark Wood Floors
1) You are risking making smaller spaces heavier than needed since not everything about dark colors is easy though.
2) If you overcome the risk with appropriate balancing of colors and light, a sophisticated and chic room will be possible.
3) You can create an airy feeling with wall colors for dark wood floors. It must be light or neutral to add contrast, paint colors for dark wood floors.

Pros of Installing Dark Hardwood Flooring

When you have interest in installing hardwood floors, you may be considering whether to choose between light colored and dark wood floors. To help you decide, the perks of using the dark wood floors can play a part. There are many ways to decorate with dark wood along with the ways to maintain quality hardwood floors. Consider the benefits below.
1) Increased Home Value. To add value to your home, hardwood floors are an ideal place to start. It is often associated with wealth, and they add a feeling of quality. In the early days, hardwood floors were just for the rich. These days, hardwood flooring has become accessible with increased production, and has become cost-effective. With many options to choose from colors, designs, and types of wood floors, there is available in a range of budgets and styles that can complete any room.
2) Dark Hardwood Floors Never Go Out of Style. Because it gives the room a classy look is one reason for having wood floors. To create the look you want, you can use various accessories. Wooden floors are reflexive and offer elegant patterns and lines. You are in fact getting the look of real wood when you have a room that looks like it’s made of solid wood. Spacious and offers a classic appearance it makes rooms with wooden floors appear bigger. Hardwood floors never go out of style. Maintaining a constant appeal, wood is warmer and atmospheric.
4) Easy Flooring Maintenance. Having dark wood floors is surely a way to go if you have kids and pets. When they play around, pet and kids cause floors to become dirty. Dark wood floors cover up messy dark stains, fortunately. Hardwood floors make a healthy and durable maintenance option if you are redoing your home. Dark wood floors look striking increasing the value of your home.

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