Is it Better to have Light Wood Floors in Purcellville, VA? Scratches & Dust is Not as Noticeable & More

For anyone considering wood flooring in their home or business, you probably noticed the debate of dark versus light hardwood floors circulating the internet. The choice of color for the wood floors considers factors such as popularity, maintenance, personal style, and other such elements. Though both dark and light colors have their pros and cons, ultimately, it should come to your own personal preference, after all, you are the one living with them. Mike’s Custom Flooring outlines some of the benefits of light colored wood floors.

Scratches on Hardwood Floors are Less Noticeable

One of the biggest benefits to light wood floors is the scratches are less visible. Light wood is much more forgiving when it comes to the visibility of scratches, though all wood floors will dent and scratch. Through the dark stain, the scratches in dark floors penetrate and expose the natural wood color underneath. If you have pets, this is especially an issue. Because our floors are light, the scratches are virtually invisible unless you look closely, our dog has unfortunately been the source of a handful of scratches in our floors. Go with light wood if you have pets or rambunctious kids.

Light Wood Flooring is Versatile

It is important to remember that light wood floors are also seen in traditional, industrial, farmhouse, and contemporary homes, though light wood floors are currently the color of choice in a lot of modern homes. Light wood floors been around forever, and they can look absolutely stunning with a variety of design styles and are not a new concept. The floors can blend easily from one style to another if you happen to change your style or sell your home to someone with a different style than yours.

Dust is Not Seen as Much on Light Wood Floors

Though some people are excellent at cleaning their floors every day, not everyone has the time, or motivation, to be so diligent. Light wood floors are a must for those of you who aren’t great at cleaning your floors regularly. Dust is nearly translucent on light floors whereas it’s quite apparent on dark floors.

Light Wood Flooring Optimizes the Brightness and Size of the Space

You should incorporate light colors throughout if you want your home to feel bigger. You should use dark colors if in the event you want the space to feel quaint, cozy, or intimate. The same applies to floorings. Light wood floors tend to make a home feel brighter which ultimately make it feel bigger than it actually is in general. A small space feels even smaller, dark wood floors tend to make. People are more likely to be attracted to a home that feels spacious it is also important to note that if you ever plan on selling your home.

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