How Do You Fix Damaged Hardwood Floors? Can You Replace Planks on a Wooden Floor in Martinsburg, WV?

Whenever you have hardwood floors, you are having them installed and know that it is a soft material that can get damaged if it isn’t cared for correctly. Sometimes accidents happen that could leave you with one or multiple planks that have sustained damage. If this is the case, you may be wondering whether or not those planks can be replaced without replacing the entire wood floor in the process. Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to talk about what the process of replacing planks when repairing a wood floor looks like.

Can You Fix Damaged Hardwood Floors By Replacing Planks?

Before you start thinking that you will have to have your wood floor replaced after some of the planks have been damaged, it is important to know that planks can be replaced without complete replacement. Here is what the process looks like.
– Marking the Plank: The first thing that will happen is the planks that have sustained damage will be marked. All the boards around them that are in good condition will be taped and masked off so that they aren’t accidently cut and damaged in the repairing process the damaged boards will be marked so that the flooring specialist can clearly see what boards need to be cut out.
– Cutting the Board: The board will then be cut using a circular saw all the way around the plank. Once those cuts have been made, the plank will be pried out of the floor. This is usually done using a hammer and a chisel. This must be done carefully to avoid damaging the tongue and groove of the other surrounding boards.
– Matching New & Old: The trickiest part of the entire process will be to find planks that match perfectly with the existing floor. This is why it is always recommended to keep planks left over from initial installation of the floor. That way, if you do ever run into any problems, you can easily match the floor with new planks. If you haven’t got any planks left over, have no fear. When you are working with the right hardwood flooring specialists, it shouldn’t be a problem to match the stains and finishes with the new wood and the wood that is existing.

How Do You Not Damage Hardwood Floors?

There are several steps you can take to avoid damaging your hardwood flooring in the first place. Following are a few ideas.
– Use rugs in high traffic areas
– Use cleaners made for hardwood flooring
– Clean up any spills as soon as possible
– Keep pet’s nails cut short

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