How Do You Fix Dull Wood Floors & Make Shiny Again in Dranesville, VA; Hardwood Floor Refinishing Restoration

Among the most beautiful of flooring options, many people agree that hardwood floors tops the list. They are known to add a great deal to the resale value of your home as well. Like any other home investment, they do require routine upkeep to keep them looking their best. The once vibrant hardwood surface can become dull and lifeless due to several contributing sources. The reasons why the wood floor looks dull is what at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to discuss today.

Wrong Cleaners Can Damage & Ruin Hardwood Floors

How they look and how long they will last is significantly impacted by how you clean your floors. More harm than good is caused by wrong cleaning habits. Ensure you use wood-safe products and tools. harsh cleaners, inappropriate polishes, abrasive cleaning pads and chemicals, as well as oil soaps should all be avoided. Stay away from stiff bristles and make sure to deactivate the beater bar when it comes to sweeping the dust and debris.

Too Much Moisture on Hardwood Flooring

Resist using the water bucket and mop when you clean your hardwood floors. From the inside out, unsightly stains to appear on the surface and wood. It needs to be immediately dried with any kind of moisture contact, as water should rarely make contact with surface.

Sunlight Can Damage Hardwood Floors

Many surfaces suffer with the sun’s damaging UV rays, and the wood floors especially. Wood floors can be bleached and discolored as well as become warped in more severe cases due to the direct exposure to sunlight. To prevent the sun from stripping the luster off your hardwood floors, fortunately, there are preventative steps you can do that are listed below.
1) Strategically plant trees or shrubs in front of windows to block the sun.
2) Invest in windows UV resistant tint.
3) Close drapes, shutters, and curtains while sun is directly shining through.

Shoes Can Scratch Wood Floors

Wood floors will quickly become marred when people often walk on them wearing heels or even cleats and other abrasive shoes. High heels can easily scratch, dent, and puncture holes in your wood floors, despite their durability. While walking on hardwood floors, avoid wearing abrasive shoes.

Pet’s Claws / Nails Scratching Wood Floors

Particularly in medium to large breeds of dogs, your pet’s nails are dangerous to the surface, much like high heels. scratches and dents are less of a concern when allowing your pet cat on hardwood floors since they are just too light to cause much damage, but it can still occur. By maintaining your pet’s nails routinely clipped and trimmed, you can minimize the potential issues caused by your pet’s claws.

Pet Urine Stains & Smells on a Hardwood Floor

Among the worst substances to make contact with wood floors are pet accidents. The uric acid and ammonia contained in pet urine are the two organic enzymes that can eat away at your floors’ gloss and cause the wood to look dull. Promptly clean up all accidents to keep damage to a minimal.

Move Heavy Furniture on Wood Floors

Always lift the furniture you need move and put felt protectors on the bottom of chairs and other furniture that may slide easily since sliding around furniture can also cause the surface to become scratched and dull.

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