Why Do My Hardwood Floors Look Dull & How Do I Get My Wood Flooring to Shine Again in Stone Ridge, VA

When you have new or hardwood floors that is simply not very old, yet have turned a dull and dingy color, you may wonder why and what you can do to revive your hard wood floors. Hardwood floors should always look vibrant, shiny and clean. If your hardwood floor has developed a dull and dingy color, Mike’s Custom Flooring will share why this occurred and what you can do to reclaim your once beautiful hardwood floors.

What Causes Dull and Dingy Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors will develop a dull surface over time. The wood’s age as well as the protective sealer and stain will weaken and begin to fade, causing the hardwood floors to look very dull and even dingy. As hardwood floors become dull due to age, this is the first sign that you need to have the hardwood floor refinished. After refinishing your hardwood floor, they will look brand new and beautiful. It is common to have hardwood floors refinished every ten to fifteen years. However, if your hard wood floor is not that old and is still relatively brand new, something else is causing the hardwood floor to dull up and not because of aging. Here are some of the common reasons why hardwood floors will develop a dull look way too early.
Use of Harmful Cleaning Products on Wood Floors – When cleaning hardwood floors, it is important not to use just any household cleaner. Some cleaners can leave behind a sticky residue that collects dirt and develops a greasy top layer on your hardwood floors. Some cleaners will also impact the sealer causing it to break down. When cleaning your hardwood floor it is important to use the right cleaners for the type of wood and sealer for your hardwood floors. Additionally, make sure to follow the product’s directions for proper use.
Sunlight, Humidity, Dirt & Pet Damage to Hardwood Floors – There are certain elements in your home as well as outside of the home that can cause the surface of hardwood floors to become dull and damaged. Sunlight will cause bleaching and dry out the hardwood floors. When you have windows that allows a lot of sunlight to hit your hardwood floor it will cause the wood to dry out, crack and bleach. Make sure to protect your hardwood floors from constant UV light. For those who walk with shoes on inside the home or have pets, their dirt and claws can damage the surface of the wood. When the surface develops micro scratches from dirt or claws, the surface will become very dull and dingy looking. High humidity and other moisture problems can also be to blame. It is important to protect your hardwood floors from the elements to prevent premature dulling.

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When your hardwood floor becomes dull you can first try having the hardwood floor professionally cleaned. However, you may need to have the hardwood floor resealed as well. If the surface develops additional problems such as indents, cracks and warping, you will need to have the hardwood floor refinished. For hardwood floor refinishing, installation and more, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today.

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