How Do You Keep from Scratching Hardwood Floors in Bolivar, WV? Furniture Pads, Mats & More

Hardwood floors, with their timeless elegance and durability, are a popular choice for many homeowners. However, their lustrous appearance can be marred by scratches over time. While scratches are an inevitable part of a floor’s life, there are preventative measures and effective repair techniques that can keep hardwood floors looking pristine for years to come. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to discuss some repair and preventative wood floor scratches.

How to Prevent Hardwood Floor Scratches?

1) Area Rugs and Mats: Placing area rugs or mats in high-traffic areas can act as a protective barrier, reducing the impact of foot traffic and preventing scratches.
2) Furniture Pads: Attach felt or rubber pads to the bottom of furniture legs to minimize the risk of scratches when moving or rearranging furniture.
3) Regular Cleaning: Dirt and debris on the floor can act like sandpaper, causing scratches over time. Regular sweeping or vacuuming, especially in high-traffic areas, can help prevent this.
4) Use Furniture Sliders: When moving heavy furniture, use furniture sliders to reduce friction between the furniture and the floor, minimizing the chances of scratches.
5) Trim Pet Nails: Keep pets’ nails trimmed to prevent them from scratching the surface of the hardwood floors.
6) Avoid High Heels: Encourage household members to avoid walking on hardwood floors with high-heeled shoes, as the sharp points can cause scratches.
7) Use Entryway Mats: Placing mats at entryways helps trap dirt and debris before it reaches the hardwood floors, reducing the risk of scratches.

How Can I Fix Scratches on My Hardwood Floor?

1) Wood Fillers: For small scratches and gouges, wood fillers that match the color of the floor can be used to fill in the damaged areas. Once applied and dried, the filler is sanded down to be level with the floor.
2) Touch-Up Pens: Colored touch-up pens specifically designed for hardwood floors are available. These pens can be used to color in and disguise minor scratches effectively.
3) Wax Sticks: Wax sticks, available in various wood tones, can be melted and applied to scratches. The wax fills in the scratches and provides a protective layer.
4) Steel Wool and Vinegar: For light scratches, a mixture of olive oil and vinegar can be combined, and fine-grade steel wool can be used to rub the mixture into the scratches. This can help minimize the appearance of scratches and restore the wood’s natural luster.
5) Floor Refinishing: For deeper scratches or extensive damage, refinishing the hardwood floor may be necessary. This involves sanding down the surface and applying a new finish to restore the floor’s original beauty.
6) Professional Help: In cases of severe damage or extensive scratches, seeking the assistance of professional floor refinishers can provide a comprehensive solution. They have the expertise and tools to repair and refinish the hardwood effectively.

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The prevention of hardwood floor scratches involves a combination of protective measures and mindful practices. When scratches do occur, prompt and appropriate repair techniques can help maintain the floor’s aesthetic appeal. Regular maintenance and a proactive approach to scratches ensure that hardwood floors not only endure the test of time but continue to exude their natural beauty throughout the years. Professional hardwood floor services is readily available when you reach out to Mike’s Custom Flooring.

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