How Often Should Hardwood Floors Be Refinished in Leesburg, VA? Water Damaged, Deep Scratches & More

Having hardwood floors is a great addition to any home. There are lots of different sizes of planks, shapes and colors you can choose from. The material that is used can be several different types of wood and when it is installed it is usually sealed so that it can be protected from damage. The hardwood floors are something that over time you will need to have cleaned as well as refinished on occasion. It is a good idea to know when you need to have your hardwood floors refinished. The damage to your hardwood floors usually will happen over some time and you may not even notice. That is why it is a good idea to know what you should be looking for. Mike’s Custom Flooring outlines the tell-tale signs you need to refinish your hardwood floors.

Can Water Damaged Hardwood Floors Be Repaired?

If you have water damage to your hardwood floors they will need to be repaired and even refinished. The water has a profound effect on wood in general and when it hits your floors you want to be sure that you clean them up as fast as you can. The water can still end up leaving damage to the floors that will send you scheduling a hardwood floor refinishing. If the water damage is severe it can lead to the floor buckling and could also require you to replace some of the planks as well.

Can You Fix Scratches on Hardwood Floors?

Over time your floors will end up being scratched from every day wear and tear. The wood is prone to being scratched if you are not careful. There are many ways that your floors can be scratched and it is often in the areas that you have high traffic. If you are bringing in sand, dirt of dust on your shoes and walking in the house you could be creating fine scratches. When you move pieces of furniture that does not have soft coasters on them they can create small scratches all the way to large gouges. You want to make sure that you keep an eye on the amount of scratches that your floors have and when they start to be a problem it is time to have them refinished.

What Causes Discoloration of Hardwood Floors?

The floors that you have chosen for your home you picked based on several aspects. One is the size of the planks, the material that was used and the color of the finish that you choose. The finish with the sealant will create the color that you want. Over time the color can be damaged from sun exposure, high traffic and more. When this starts to happen you might start to see discoloration of the wood and that is a sign that you need to have the floors refinished.

Stains on Hardwood Floors

The floors just like any other kind of floors they can become stained. This can happen when you spill certain liquids and other substances. If you see that your hardwood floors are suffering from staining it is a good time to have the floors refinished. This will help to remove the stains and balance the color back out.

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