Is it OK to Put Hardwood Floors in a Kitchen in Ashburn, VA? In Style, Long Lasting, Easy to Clean & More

When you are looking to update the look of your kitchen, many people who adore wood flooring are hesitant to use it there. Where traditionally, the kitchens are equipped with tile and grout flooring, many are making the decision to install the wood flooring instead. Wood floors in the kitchen are actually a smart move, as long as you are diligent with care and maintenance. The stunning presentation of the hardwood floors can last with the beautiful, durable and versatile addition inside the kitchen. With this in mind, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share why the wood floor in your kitchen is a good idea.

In Style Kitchen Flooring

There are quite a few people turning to hardwood flooring in their kitchens. If you set out to do your research for how to redo your kitchen, you will likely stumble along a lot of people using hardwood flooring as a popular option for the flooring. There are is a warmer feeling in the kitchen with the hardwood flooring, which can help promote warmth on especially cold nights in winter. This option is a lot more gorgeous and of better quality than tile, linoleum, and vinyl. Combining different types of flooring is harder to do, the latest trends have been moving towards the kitchen being open. Wood floors are cohesive to any style kitchen and look amazing in most applications.

Hardwood Floors Last

Hardwood floors is an optimal solution for a flooring that will last. Where people’s top concern about hardwood floors in the kitchen is having them near moisture and plumbing. Moisture is bad for wood floors, as long as you immediately wipe up spills and utilize rugs and mats around water sources, you do not have to stress about the wood floor’s exposure to liquid. There are other options to improve the moisture protection as well.

Other Benefits of Wood Flooring in Kitchen

There are also some unexpected benefits to opting got installing hardwood floors in your kitchen. Tile or ceramic flooring in the kitchen often produces paint in the back and knees. Avoiding these materials in the kitchen can spare you the pain. Hardwood floors do not require nearly as much time to clean them as tile and grout needs. Additionally, wood floors are a lot softer on the joints with daily foot traffic and standing as you cook and bake. Hardwood floors will also increase your home’s value.

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With so many colors, types, textures, and other options for your hardwood floor in the kitchen, you can find anything to match your tastes and complete the overall design of your kitchen. Once you have selected the hardwood flooring, call in the experts of Mike’s Custom Flooring. Our professionals will ensure your installation is of high quality and is done correctly the first time. Our technicians are more than qualified and using high-end products and equipment, you can be rest assured that no matter which hardwood floor you ultimately choose, it will be a sight to behold. Call Mike’s Custom Flooring today to schedule your consultation.

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