How to Make Hardwood Floor Less Slippery in Purcellville, VA; Remove Wax Buildup & More

Hardwood floors look amazing in any home or business. They are easy to maintain and to install, and with proper care, wood floors can last decades. Many people love their wood floors. However, there are times when a wax or polish is used on the floor that makes it more slippery. Aging couples often find wood floors more slick than desired and some consider replacing their wood floors with a non-slip flooring. However, there are a number of ways you can make wood floors less slick and provide more stability. Mike’s Custom Flooring will share how to make wood floors less slippery. Wood floors are used throughout a home. They can be installed on second floor and single floored homes. It is very common to see wood flooring on stairs. To help make wood floors less slippery, you will want to follow these tips.

Remove Wax Buildup from Hardwood Floors

Wood floors are often polished and or waxed with the wrong solution or too much wax was used. In such cases, you now have a super slick floor that you feel unstable walking on. Basically, you need to remove the waxy residue that is making the floor super slippery. With a mop and bucket, use two parts water to one part vinegar and mix them together in the bucket. Simply wash the floor with the diluted vinegar to get the waxy residue off. Make sure to rinse the area with clean water afterward. Once you have mopped and rinsed the floor, make sure to take the time to dry the floor will a dry mop to prevent water damages.

Non Slip Pads & Door Mats on Hardwood Flooring

Some wood floors are smoother and feel slightly more slippery, especially when wearing socks. When wood floors are just a little slippery, consider adding non-slip pads in traffic areas or on stairs. Also consider placing door mats at every exterior door. They help capture the dirt, which in most cases, are there to keep the wood floor cleaner. Dirty wood floors can also become more slippery.

Anti Slip Hardwood Flooring Treatments

If you love your wood floors and have taken good care of them, then you may not want to replace them just because you are finding them a bit slippery. Wood floors can be very slippery for some. This fact is why you can easily find non-slip treatment for wood floors. Along with applying a coat of the treatment which prevents slipping, it also protects and polishes the floor at the same time. Most of these non-slip wood floor treatments are applied with a paint roller directly onto the ground. If you or a loved one find themselves feeling unstable on their wood floor, apply a non-slip treatment to the floor.

Choose Hardwood Flooring with High Texture, Grain or Wire Brushed Finish

If you want to install wood floors but are concerned about the surface and wonder if they are too slippery, then you will want to look for a wood flooring that is not too smooth. Look for a wood floor with a higher texture or grain. Avoid wood floors that use waxes and stick to those that use a sealer instead.

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