Why Hardwood Floors are a Kid Friendly Flooring Option in Hillsboro, VA; Durable, Hide Dirt & More

Many people love the look of hardwood floors, but fear it is not really ideal with small children. Where wood floors require a little more care and maintenance when compared to other options such as tile and grout, you would be surprised to know how much hardwood flooring an ideal option for family’s with kids is actually. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share how wood floors are ideal in a home with kids.

1) Hardwood Floors are Durable

There are many types of wood floors that are very durable, and with kids, durability is an important factor. For example, bamboo offers many benefits for stamina and style. It is a harder substance, reducing the likelihood of scratches though it is similar looking to timber. Bamboo is resistant to stains, which the inevitable spills the little ones will do can help keep the floors looking unblemished. Though bamboo is definitely a solid option, it is not your only one. Remember to check the Janka rating which will tell you just how durable the wood floor is when looking through your options and consider one with more durability.

2) Lighter Hardwood Floor Colors Hide Dirt

Many people presume dark-colored woods camouflage the tracked in dirt better, but the opposite applies to hardwood floors. Because they minimize the appearance of dust and brighten up your living space, light-colored hardwoods such as cherry or oak are a couple of options to consider for the family home. Certain light-colored options will help you maintain that effortless look without spending hours cleaning, perfect for busy schedules.

3) Hardwood Floors are Stain Resistant

As mentioned, hardwood floors are stain resistant, especially when compared to carpets. Kids are prone to spills, and when they do on hard surfaces, they can be easily wiped clean whereas carpets take treating and the risk of staining is much higher than it is on wood flooring.

4) Hardwood Floors are a Healthy Option

Carpets and rugs absorb dirt, debris, moisture, and anything else that come into contact with them, much like a sponge. The allergens and contaminates often trapped in the carpets are not trapped in hardwood floors, making them a healthier alternative for little ones. Hardwood floors are less likely harbor to allergens and contaminates, making it a healthier environment for your kids to be in close contact with. hardwood floors are a great non-toxic choice for your family if health and safety are a concern for you.

5) Hardwood floors are Easy to Clean

Unlike the complicated techniques and methods required to treat spills and messes on carpets, a damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth is usually all it takes to clean up the messes the little ones are likely to make.

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All in all, wood floors are more kid-friendly than some homeowners think. If you are interested in hardwood floors, count on Mike’s Custom Flooring to ensure they are properly and efficiently installed. With the correct installation from qualified experts of Mike’s Custom Flooring, your floors are sure to last and look amazing in any room. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

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