Whitewashed Red Oak & Aged Engineered Oak Hardwood Flooring Installation in Hamilton, VA

Selecting a species for your hardwood floor can be a tough choice. All types of wood offer pros and cons. Many people want a home that feels cozy, comfortable, and a place where relaxing comes easy. To help you achieve this goal, there are several options that when brought together, help you achieve success; your choices in materials, furnishings, and decor for your home all contribute. Flooring, however, is a major contributor that few realize. In many cases, the flooring is the dominate element to the room. Choosing the right flooring can help you promote comfort and a cozy atmosphere. Oak flooring is a top choice to help people reach their goals and we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to elaborate on how.

Naturally Beautiful and Charming Oak Hardwood Floors

With its natural oils and sleek look, oak has a natural beauty and charm with its warm attributes. Where it comes in many shades, the natural texture possesses a certain charm. One of the most flexible wood species for staining is European White Oak and it is easily treated by burning, fuming, or chemical reactive treatments and techniques as well.

Oak Hardwood Floor Maintenance is Simple

Oak, due to the grain structure, is one of the most structurally stable hardwood species available and is less susceptible to moisture issues. With increased structural stability and ease of maintenance, you will also have all of that natural beauty as well.

Whitewashed Red Oak Floors

A sense of calmness and peace can be caught with elegance. As they provide a simple, yet elegant look, whitewashed floors are getting more and more popular all the time. Creating a calming, natural effect, the oak finishes can have a chalky look that will pair well with the grains of the wood.

Aged Oak Flooring

For an easier approach to get the rustic and peaceful look, engineered wood flooring can simplify things. With additional shades and finish options, engineered is more versatile. From smoked finishes to caramel hues and dark colors, you can find a shade that works well for you and adds the comforting warmth to any room you are looking for. With a layer of real wood that provides the classic look that everyone loves, engineered oak flooring, whether it is rustic or modern, provides a natural ambiance to any room that only classic Oak can. Commonly something most homeowners desire after a long day or during the cold winters, the oak resonates warmth and coziness.

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No matter which floor you ultimately decide on, Mike’s Custom Flooring can help you find the oak wood floor, any other species, and ensure high quality installation services. With a quality installation your oak wood floors will list longer, stay in better condition, and be easier to maintain. With routine care and maintenance, the wood floors can last decades. Though the oak wood is more water resistant than other options, its important to clean up any spills, avoid over exposure to moisture, and keep the floors clean on a daily basis. Call Mike’s Custom Flooring today for your hardwood floor installation services.

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