How to Protect Hardwood Floors During Construction in Bunker Hill, VA; Best Temporary Floor Coverings

When you are in the middle of a construction project in your home, the last thing you are thinking about is your flooring. If you have hardwood flooring, a big construction project can leave them covered in scratches, dings and damage. Luckily, there are several ways you can avoid this problem. Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to share some different methods to help you keep your hardwood flooring protected during your construction project.

Ram Board Floor Protection

One of the reasons that ram board is one of the leading choices in flooring protection is the fact that you can use it more than one time. With ram board, it doesn’t matter what type of flooring you have, it offer maximum protection against any damage whatsoever. It is an affordable option given that you can use it more than one time, easily. This flooring protection is easy to install and does a very efficient job at offering you maximum protection.

Masonite Temporary Floor Protection

Masonite flooring protection is another extremely reliable source of protective flooring. It is easy to install like ram board and will pretty much guarantee that your flooring will be untouched during your construction process. Sometimes, it is recommended that you use rosin paper to go under your Masonite flooring protection. Rosin paper shouldn’t be used on its own since it has been known to tear at inopportune moments.

Plastic Floor Covering Protector

There are several plastic flooring protective products that are available to you as well to keep your flooring from sustaining any damage during construction. It may make more sense to use plastic rather than thicker ram board or Masonite to keep your floors protected. There are a couple of plastic flooring protective options that you can use to cover your hardwood.
Hard Floor Protection Film: This usually comes in a big roll that will be easy to put on your hardwood floor. The film will keep moisture, dirt and other debris off of your hardwood.
Plastic Runner Mats: Runner mats are a great way to offer discreet protection to your flooring. They can be used on many different types of flooring and will not only protect it against the construction process, but are often used to protect flooring from heavy furniture and other hazards.
Sticky Mats: Sticky mats aren’t large, so they aren’t a good option for covering your entire floors during construction, but they are still helpful. They can be placed at the entrances of your home to help remove dirt and other debris from the bottom of shoes as people enter and exit your home. This will help to remove things that could cause scratching and dents to your floors.

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