How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors from Christmas Tree Scratches & Damage in Falling Waters, VA

A freshly cut Christmas tree is often a tradition many people share in their home. A good portion of folks will stand their tree and get it ready for display on the hardwood floor surface, since many people update their flooring with hardwood options. Hardwood floors do have foes and unfortunately freshly cut Christmas trees and the associated elements are among them. To better preserve your hardwood floors during the holiday season we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to list some tips and suggestions.

Supplies Needed to Keep Christmas Tree from Scratching or Damaging Hardwood Flooring

Collect the Following:
– Plastic tablecloth
– Plastic pitcher / watering can
– Extra-large trash bag
– Dust mop, broom & dustpan or vacuum cleaner
– Decorative tree skirt
– Scissors
– Tree stand mat or a clean sheet (old one)

Christmas Tree Stand Mat & Other Ways to Protect Hardwood Floors

1) Once you have planned where the tree is placed, be sure to implement your selection of dust mop, soft bristle broom, or vacuum with the beater bar deactivated to remove the dirt, dust, and debris. Leaving scratches and potential gouges, soil is a detriment to wood floors, and it is imperative you remove the particles.
2) Before standing the tree in the appropriate tree stand, place a tree stand mat or fold an old sheet into a size slightly larger than the tree stand and arrange the setup where you want your tree to stand.
3) Free your Christmas tree with your scissors and cut the netting or twine. You can take this step outdoors to contain the mess outside and let the loose needles fall outside. Allowing the loose needles to fall can be easily done by giving the tree a mild shake.
4) Bring the tree in the base first, to avoid damage on the wood floor, slide the tree into the extra-large trash bag and pull the sides up as far over the branches as it will go. With a friend to alleviate the weight, get the tree to the stand and the cut the bag off once you have it in close proximity to the stand. After the tree is in the base of the tree stand, tighten the braces accordingly.
5) Avoid the scratches on the wood floor during setup and be sure to balance the tree.
6) Using your watering container ensure to fill the base with water. If any water spills, be sure to wipe it up as soon as possible.
7) Arrange the decorative tree skirt so none of the mat or sheet as well as the stand is showing.
8) Once the tree is trimmed, be sure to sweep or vacuum the floor around the tree to remove all the needles. Needles can scratch the surface of your wood floors.
9) Remove the tree by wrapping the tree with a sheet to contain as much needles as possible, when you discard the tree, siphon the water from the tree stand.

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