How to Prevent Wood Floor Buckling, Cupping, Gaps & Other Damage this Winter in Gerrardstown, VA

The harsh, cold weather of winter is coming our way and will soon be here with a vengeance. While the winter is nice and cozy inside your home, if you have hardwood flooring, it can be damaging as well. Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to share some tips to help you protect your hardwood flooring this winter.

Does Rock Salt & Water Ruin Wood Floors?

Rock salt is commonly used to keep ice from the walkways and driveways of many homes. It is not only effective, but it can make your home much safer for visitors as well as those that live there. There are some downsides to rock salt during the winter though. It can cause major damage to your hardwood flooring when it is tracked in on the bottom of shoes. The combination of rock salt and water on your hardwood flooring can leave you with hardwood that is damaged beyond repair. There are some people that will be tempted to use a mixture of water and vinegar to clean up a rock salt mess; and while this may a good option for other flooring surfaces, it should be avoided on hardwood flooring. You should always use a neutral cleaner to get rid of a rock salt issue. Having a towel by the front door can help people remember to wipe off the rock salt as they enter your home.

Hardwood Floor Gaps, Cupping & Buckling Due to Humidity & Extreme Temperature Range

The hardwood in your home is greatly affected by fluctuations in the temperature outside. During the winter, it isn’t uncommon for moisture and temperature changes to happen. When there is a dry spell, the hardwood will shrink; leaving gaps between the floorboards. Sometimes there will be a lot of moisture and then suddenly the moisture will be gone which can cause damage to your flooring as well. The best way to protect your hardwood is by having a humidifier installed in your home so that you can keep humidity levels even.

What to Wear on Hardwood Floors in Winter

During the wet, winter months you are far better off having those that enter your home remove their shoes. There is so much moisture and mud that are on the bottom of shoes in the winter. Having a shoe tray next to your front door doesn’t always get the hint across to those entering your home. You may have to ask politely for people to remove their shoes when they come over to visit. It will be worth it when the winter is over and your floors are intact.

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