Benefits of White Oak Hardwood Flooring in Martinsburg, WV; Natural Finish, Stain Options & More

For those who are considering having white oak hardwood floors installed in your home, you may be wondering if it is a good investment? When installing floors, most people pick the floor on how they look and what you like. For those who find they like and may want white oak floors, Mike’s Custom Flooring will share the benefits of white oak floors and how they do make a great investment to any home.

Aesthetics of White Oak Floors

White oak flooring works well in terms of aesthetics for modern or contemporary designed homes. The look and feel of white oak provides a clean and uniform pattern that brings a bit of nature into a modern or contemporary home. White oak is a very clean looking floor that is universal and works well with almost any themed home. You can have white oak in a farm style home as well as in a modern style home.

White Oak Flooring is Durable

Out of all of the natural hardwood floors, white oak is ranked as one of the most durable. White oak is a hard wood that can resist dents, gouges, and scratches. They can also be refinished at least three times if not more as only thinner layers often need to be removed since dents don’t go very deep. The texture of white oak also hides scratches and dents should they happen, thereby prolonging the need between finishes.

White Oak is a Water Resistant Wood

When it comes to the hardwood species, white oak is one of the most water resistant. White oak has a very tight wood grain and keeps out water and moisture which makes white oak a perfect candidate for kitchen and even bathrooms. However, for the floor’s longevity, it is still recommended to clean up spills and keep water off the wood.

White Oak Floor Natural Finish & Stain Options

The natural color of white oak is beautiful and many homeowners prefer to leave the wood untreated. However, white oak can be treated or stained and coated with different finishes to change the wood coloring. For those who want a darker color floor, white oak can be easily stained a darker color. Additionally, as white oak is very light you have a wider range of stain options.

White Oak Flooring is Affordable

White oak is a rather affordable option when looking to install hardwood floors in a home. Hardwood floors are not always the cheapest flooring. However white oak is one of the lower priced floors currently. As demands for white oak increases, the price of white oak is expected to rise. For those who want white oak floors the sooner you get it, the cheaper the flooring will be.

White Oak Distressed Texture

White oak has a beautiful distressed texture with amazing knots and grains that bring a lot of character to the flooring. The distressed texture looks great in rustic style homes as well as modern homes. Many white oak floors are sanded down to a smooth finish. Since white oak is a rather durable hard wood, self-made distressed texture can be added back in with a wire brush or other texture methods.

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