Pros of Refinished Hardwood Floors in Charles Town, WV; Renewed, Easy to Clean Flooring & More

Hardwood floors are an excellent investment to the home. Hardwood floors are beautiful and can last forever with proper care. When hardwood floors develop dents, scratches and scuffs, it is often a sign that it is time to refinish the floors. Eventually, hardwood floors will need to be refinished. When the time comes, don’t delay. Mike’s Custom Flooring will share why a homeowner should never hesitate to have the hardwood floors refinished.

Beautiful Hardwood Floors

When hardwood floors are refinished they look completely renewed. The dents, scuffs and scratches, along with the worn finish, are removed. The floor is sanded and refinished, which revives the wood. After refinishing the hardwood floor, you’ll find they are brought back to life and the entire home looks beautiful. Don’t miss out refinishing and giving your home’s hardwood flooring the face-lift it desperately needs.

Easy to Clean Hardwood Floors

One of the challenges of dents and scratched hardwood floors is keeping them clean. The dents and grooves makes it easier for dirt and grime to get stuck in the wood and as a result, the floor constantly looks dirty. Cleaning the floor can be very challenging with all of the dents and cracks. After refinishing the wood, the dents, scratches, and other imperfections are removed, and the wood is smoothed. Afterward, they are much easier to keep clean. If you find you’re fighting with dents and scratches when cleaning your hardwood floor, it may be time to have the floors refinished.

Prevent Hardwood Floor Problems

When hardwood floors are neglected, they tend to develop more excessive damage. Deep cracks and other surface damage allows moisture to settle deep into the wood. Moisture can lead to mold, warping and cupping. Simple cracks in the wood surface can lead to more serious problems and lead to plank or full floor replacements. With proper maintenance of hardwood floors, you will help extend the life of the floor and prevent future damages.

Save Money Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can last for decades with proper maintenance. Hardwood floors require proper cleaning, waxing, and refinishing when needed. Depending on the type of wood and climate, hardwood floor refinishing requirement can vary. However, refinishing hardwood floors can prevent premature wear of the flooring. Mold and other damage will cause expensive repair or require the wood flooring to be replaced. By refinishing the hardwood you can extend the life of the wood and save money on repair or replacements.

Signs You Need Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When hardwood floors have scratches, dents, cracks or grooves etched into the wood surface, it is often time to refinish the wood floors. Other signs can be fading or dry wood. When hardwood floors show signs that it needs to be refinished, it will greatly benefit to have the flooring refinished. There are many refinishing techniques. One of the most requested is the dustless sanding and refinishing service. With this refinishing technique, there is little to no saw dust in the home. This makes clean up quicker with quality results.

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Mike’s Custom Flooring provides many services, including dustless sanding and refinishing. If you have hardwood floors in need of refinishing, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring and schedule our services today.

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