How to Protect Hardwood Floors in Herndon, VA; Rubber Backed Rugs, Entry Mats & More

Hardwood floors in their variety require diligent care and maintenance. Considered an upgrade, wood flooring is a sophisticated feature that brings class with any interior design. Unfortunately, there are quite a few things that people do or neglect to do that ruins the aesthetics of the wood flooring as well as damaging it all together. In an effort to help people be more aware of what expedites the deterioration of hardwood floors, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to point out how people in general are ruining their hardwood floors.

How to Not Destroy Your Hardwood Floors But Rather Protect Them!

1) Not using mats and area rugs. Coming from the outside is the main source of dirt and debris being tracked through the home. In addition to the normal dust and particulates landing on the surface, the granules are a problem when the walking traffic, which causes traction, leads to a sandpaper-like effect, scratching and scuffing the surface. With the a walk-off mat placed on the exterior and interior of all the doors, a greater proton of the dirt and debris is contained before it can be tracked on the floors. In high traffic areas, area rugs and runner rugs in hallways and/or stairs can help reduce the wear. Unfortunately, many people that opt for area rugs often have the problem of them moving and sliding around. To help keep them from moving around, people will use double sided tape, or purchase the sticky, cushiony, mesh rug pads. These are a mistake as the adhesive can cause trouble and contribute to unwanted damage. Rather, choose natural fibers, synthetic rugs without latex backings, recycled felt or natural, untreated rubber.
2) Exterior water sources making contact. People who own pools, hot tubs, and even let the kids cool off in water games or sprinklers in addition to rainfall will often come into the home dripping from the exterior water sources. Shoes should be removed when entering the home, especially on a wet day, and stored on plastic trays. The use of water resistant walk-off mats will help keep the water from your wood floors. When people get wet with activities, ensure they are nearly dry before coming inside.
3) Mopping wood floors. When wood floors need cleaning, people grab the mop and let the wood floors be flooded with water ringing from the mop and saturating the floors. Water is detrimental to floors and should be used at the bare minimum. Depending on the type of wood floor and the finish dictates the specific cleaners that should be used only when necessary.
4) Pet’s nails go untrimmed. When having pets and wood floors, it is even more important to ensure the pet’s nails stay trimmed. Otherwise, their nails will scratch and scuff up the wood floors. Most groomers include the nail maintenance but if not, trimming them are kept at an affordable cost.
5) Neglecting hardwood maintenance. More often than not, people have a tendency to not keep up on the maintenance, especially professional maintenance. Refinishing, and more detailed work needs to be done from time to time.

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