Why Choose a Professional for Wood Flooring Installation Over DIY Attempts in Sterling, VA

When deciding to replace carpeting or other forms of flooring options with hardwood floors, the possibilities are exciting. With the different types of wood floors, size, finishes, and other diverse selections, wood flooring can truly have a custom edge to it and can be incorporated easily with any interior design. Wood floors can drastically change the dynamic, giving any room an instant lift. But after taking the plunge, some consider doing the installation themselves in an effort to save a few bucks. Well, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to take the opportunity to discuss why opting for professional flooring installation is best.

Why Should I Not Install My Own Flooring?

1) Diversity. Because of the diverse selections and limitless circumstances, there are several installation protocol applications for hardwood floors. You can prevent a lot of headache and stress as well as avoiding the use of the wrong method of installation that will negatively impact the floor’s aesthetics or performance.
2) Cost Effective. There is often a substantial amount of wasted materials when the inexperienced attempts to install wood flooring, resulting in a loss of financial value. Though most affiliate with hiring a professional costing a small fortune; comparing the DIY financial breakdown and the professional total cost, investing in a professional is generally the best options.
3) Quality. A professional who applies his talents and knowledge, collecting 40 plus hours a week only continues to get better with time. In comparison to the amateur, the floor installed by a crafty professional will look crisp and pristine.
4) Equipment. There is an extensive amount of equipment, tools, products and materials that are required specifically for each method of installation. If you do not already own a majority of these tools, the cost in acquiring them surpasses the cost of a professional. Not only will you be paying more for these paraphernalia and for less quality, but you will then need to find a place to store them when the job is finished. The professional has access to quality tools and equipment for less.
6) Expertise. There are a number of instances that could leave the untrained puzzled and without a solution during the course of installing the hardwood floor. The most common issue results in uneven flooring, where the professional can apply his expertise to resolve the issue.
7) Experience. Essential for superior results, experience is more than exceptional. In order for the warranty to be valid for many hardwood floors, a professional is required to install it. You will know the floor was installed thoroughly and efficiently in addition to having the hardwood floor is under warranty. The hardwood floor could look mediocre with the execution of poor installation, even with Grade A hardwood floor materials, if the durability isn’t up to par and you can experience early wear and tear.

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If you are looking for a professional to install your hardwood floors, call in Mike’s Custom Flooring for our affordable installation service where they will be done efficiently and in a timely manner.

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