How to Install Hardwood Flooring on Concrete in Harpers Ferry, WV; Glue Down with Moisture Barrier

When you want solid hardwood floors, most contractors will say you can’t install hardwood floors over concrete. Hardwood floors are most often nailed down and therefore requires a wooden subfloor for nailing down the hardwood. While it is true that most hardwood floors are nailed down, it doesn’t mean it is impossible to have natural solid hardwood floors in your home. Mike’s Custom Flooring will explain each step on how solid hardwood floor is installed on top of concrete.

Glue Down Wood Floor with Moisture Barrier

When installing hardwood floors on concrete, the floor will need to be glued down versus being nailed. Where this seems like an easy alternative, it does mean a little extra work. In order to glue the wood down on the concrete the foundation will need to be completely cleared away, cleaned and prep. The surface will need to be obviously cleared of furniture and the previous flooring will need to be removed along with baseboards and possibly door trim. In most cases the concrete foundation isn’t painted. However, there are those few cases where the concrete was covered with a sealer. The sealer will need to be stripped away and the concrete cleaned. Once the concrete is cleaned and prepped you will then want to put a moisture barrier on top the concrete. Since natural wood can be destroyed when it comes in contact with moisture, when installing hardwood on concrete it is important to put a moisture barrier to protect the wood from the moisture that can get trapped in the concrete. Most concrete sealers are much like paint. It seals the concrete and creates a barrier between the concrete and the wood. After the sealer is dry, the wood floor can begin to be installed.

How to Install Glue Down Hardwood Flooring on Concrete

There are a number of methods that glue down hardwood floors can use. Even though the planks are glued down, some come with interlocking joints that help hold the planks in place. Some floors have smooth edges. Depending on the type of planks that are being installed, the installation steps can vary. In most cases professionals will lay out each plank to ensure a proper pattern and that the planks lay down correctly. Small sections at a time are glued down during installation. The entire floor will essentially be glued down. Once the floor is glued down and the glue is dry the wood floor is then covered with a protective finish to help protect the surface of the wood floor. Once the hardwood floor is installed the door trim and floorboards are then replaced and you can begin moving your furniture back in.

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When installing hardwood floors on top of concrete, it is strongly recommended you seek professional assistance. Glue down hardwood floors are very tricky and take additional steps to help ensure that the floor is installed correctly and ensure the longevity of the floor. When you want a solid hardwood floor that needs to be installed on top of concrete, contact Mike’s custom Flooring. We provide quality installation as well as other services. To schedule our services, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today.

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