Is White Oak Good for Flooring in Shepherdstown WV? In Style, Durable, Water Resistant & More

White oak floors have become more popular over recent years and for many reasons. There are many benefits of using white oak floors and when a homeowner is looking to install a wood floor for the first time or needs to replace old wood floors, consider using white oak. Mike’s Custom Flooring will share why white oak floors are so popular and why so many homes are using white oak floors.

Is White Oak in Style

One reason why white oak floors get so much attention is mainly that they look very nice. White oak floors fit well with many different types of design schemes including rustic to modern designs. White oak has great features within the wood’s grain. White oak has beautiful tight spiral rings which create a smoother and cleaner looking floor. The natural color of white oak wood is versatile and fits great with any other color in the room or home.

Is White Oak Flooring Durable?

Out of all of the oak species, white oak has proven to be very durable. White oak is more scratch resistant and dent resistant and when either occurs, they are not very noticeable. Additionally, white oak can resistant impact damages better than other wood and can be more easily repaired. White oak can also withstand the affects of time and with proper maintenance, can be the last floor you will ever need to install in your home.

Water Resistant White Oak Floors

Water and wood do not mix well together. Water can damage wood causing mold, wood rot, and cupping to occur. Humidity is equally harmful to wood over time. Due to the nature of wood, homes are limited to where wood floors can be used. However, white oak appears to break the common rule and is more resistant to water or humidity than other wood species. Like all wood, white oak is affected by moisture but not nearly as severe. When you want a wood floor in your bathroom, kitchen or mudroom, white oak is a possible contender.

Does White Oak Scratch Easily?

Like all solid hardwood floors, white oak will need to be sanded and refinished periodically to ensure the wood’s longevity. All wood floors, including white oak wood, can be refinished about 4 to 5 times before the floor needs to be replaced. Most wood floors need to be refinished every 5 years or sooner depending on the floor’s exposure. However, white oak floors can go 8 to 10 years, due to its resistance to moisture, scratches, or impact damage. With proper care white oak can go longer periods of time between sanding and refinishing than other wood species. Essentially, white oak can go longer in between maintenance care and as such, provide a durable floor in your home.

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Due to the beauty, durability, and maintenance needs of white oak floors, they are growing in popularity and can be found in many homes. They will be installed in more homes in the future. When shopping around for wood flooring, consider looking at white oak floors. Call Mike’s Custom Flooring to learn more about white oak floors. For all of your wood flooring needs, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today.

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