Light or Dark Hardwood Floors in Charles Town, WV? What Color Goes with Furniture & More

Are you planning to install wood floors in your home? When shopping for flooring you will find a ton of options for wood grain, texture, patterns and colors. There are two major trends competing with each other right now. Many are loving the lighter wood colors and there are those who are loving the darker wood colors. When comparing light and dark wood floors, know there are pros and cons to each. Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share what many people are saying about light and dark color wood floors to see which of the two might be right for you.

What Color Wood Floor with Furniture & Decor?

When deciding on a color of wood floors, often the color is determined by what works best with your home design and theme. However, there are times that both light and dark wood would work great. Currently, dark color wood floors are ahead in this race, but the lighter colors are close behind them. There are many colors of wood to choose from. Last year, gray stained wood floors was the most popular and it still is a major competitor.

Pros & Cons of Dark VS Light Hardwood Floors

Let’s start with dark colored wood floors. The dark wood makes for a great contrast color in lighter colored rooms. However they don’t work so well in darker colored rooms as it makes these rooms feel closed in or cramped. Dark floors can also hide divots and scratches better than lighter colored wood floors, which can help extend the need for refinishing the wood floors too often. Dark colored wood floors are more universal in the sense you can use dark colors in modern styled homes, rustic styled homes, and everything in between. Light colors tend to work best with modern styles versus a rustic.

Do Light or Dark Floors Show Dirt More?

One major consideration for many is which color stays cleaner? Any wood floor color will need to be regularly cleaned. Dirt, pet hair and debris will collect on wood floors regardless of their color. Stains should always be quickly cleaned and not just to maintain clean floors, but for the longevity of the wood. Both need to be equally maintained and cared for. However, if the question as to which color hides dirt and debris best, well darker shades of wood hide scratches and divots a little better.

Are Light or Dark Floors More Durable?

When it comes to which types of flooring is more durable, color has little to do with the strength of the wood. Walnut is a very durable dark wood while hickory is a durable lighter wood. When choosing a color, make sure you know the wood species. Both colors have stronger woods and weaker wood species. Most stronger wood species tend to cost more. However, if you want a wood floor that can easily last the rest of your life consider getting a strong wood species as it is cheaper in the long run. Most hardwood floors are stained a certain color and can also be re-stained when the wood floor is being refinished. If you regret the color you chose you have the opportunity to change the wood color. Changing the wood color only exists with hardwood flooring. Laminates and most engineered wood cannot be re-stained a different color.

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There are many colors and types of wood floors, so essentially it comes down to what works best for you. If you need consultation or installation services, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today.

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