Best Types of Flooring for Your Harpers Ferry, WV House; Hardwood in Living Rooms & More

When it comes to the flooring in your home, there are some types of flooring that simply work best for certain areas. There are several factors that play a role in choosing the right flooring for a space. You may be wondering what type of flooring is the best for your home. Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to talk about what flooring types work best in all the different areas of your home.

Best Options for Kitchen & Mudroom Flooring

There is a lot of activity that happens in the kitchen. This is often considered the heart of the home for this reason alone. Because there are liquids that you are using constantly in the kitchen and a multitude of debris on the bottom of shoes in a mudroom, tile or vinyl flooring is the top choice for these areas.

Best Flooring for Bathroom & Laundry

These two rooms are also constantly covered in water. The bathroom as well as the laundry room needs to have flooring that can withstand the high amount of water that will likely be on the floor at all times. Tile flooring is the most common choice for these areas. There are so many designs and colors to choose from, that you can really get creative with your tile choices.

Dining, Living & Family Rooms with Hardwood Floors

By and large, hardwood flooring is the top choice for your dining and living room areas. The beauty and warmth that comes from hardwood is hard to beat. Even though these areas have a large amount of foot traffic and furniture that will pose a threat of scratching to these areas, you can use rugs, furniture pads and other tools that will help to keep your hardwood flooring safe. Both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood are fantastic choices.

Best Flooring for Bedrooms

It depends on the homeowner when asked what flooring is best for the bedrooms in your home. Many people like the comfort carpet has to offer, but there are several people that will still choose hardwood for their bedrooms. You can always add a plush area rug to give the room the cozy comfort that you are looking for.

Engineered Hardwood Hardwood for Sunroom or Enclosed Porch

You need flooring in a sunroom that will be able to withstand the constant sunlight that will be inevitable in that space. You are going to be best off when you choose tile for your sunroom. Many people don’t like the feel of tile though, and in those cases, you may want to consider engineered hardwood. You just need to ensure that the space is completely enclosed and waterproof before adding that flooring.

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If you are considering hardwood flooring in your home, you want to know that the installation will be flawless. Mike’s Custom Flooring will install your hardwood flooring with precision and deliver beautiful results. If you aren’t sure what type of hardwood flooring works best in your house, we can help you choose the right flooring choice for your lifestyle. Call us today!

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