Benefits of Hardwood Floors in Kearneysville, WV; Low Maintenance, Healthy Flooring & More

When you find it is time to replace your home flooring, know that more and more people are installing wood floors in their home. Wood floors have so many benefits and those who do make the investment to install wood floors, find they simply just love them. Wood floors can enhance your home and even make it a safer and healthier environment. Mike’s Custom Flooring will share the many benefits people love about wood floors so you can see if wood floors are right for your home.

Low Maintenance Hardwood Flooring

Wood floors are easy to maintain and you can clean them quickly. However, with different types of wood floor come different needs. Laminates and engineered wood floors are one of the easier floors to maintain. However, they don’t last as long as hardwood floors. Hardwood floors do need to be refinished every 8 to 10 years, yet each time they are refinished they are like new. Hardwood floors can easily last 30 to 50 years with proper care, where laminates and engineered wood lasts between 10 to 15 years. Some engineered wood floors can be refinished, but typically only once. However all wood floor types can be clean with a vacuum, broom and dust mop. You can clean them with straight water.

Hardwood Floors are a Healthy Flooring Option

Wood floors can make the home a healthier environment. Carpets can trap or hold in dust and bacteria even after it is vacuum or cleaned. Wood floors don’t because it is a solid surface that has a protective sealer. This sealer creates a shield on the wood surface which prevents dirt or bacteria settling in. When the floors are routinely cleaned, the floor stays cleaner longer than other flooring surfaces. As a result the inside air is cleaner. Those with asthma or other respiratory problems benefit greatly from wood floors.

Durable Hardwood Floors

Wood floors are durable in many ways. As stated before they can be refinished, depending on the type of wood floors which makes repairing scratches and dents possible. Many like to say tile is more durable because they don’t get scratched or dented. This is true, but they are vulnerable to impact damage. When a heavy item drops on tile the tile will crack, chip and split into many pieces. Wood floor don’t. Wood is flexible and heavy items don’t cause major damage, only indents which can be easily repaired. Wood floors can be revived which is why they last so long, especially hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floors Have Character

Wood has unique characteristics that enhance any home. Some of the most desired homes have wood floors. Wood is beautiful and comes in so many varieties. Wood floors can be installed to create unique and custom designs. Wood floors come in many colors which can create amazing contrast to your home theme and feel. Wood floors can fit rustic to modern designed homes and themes which make them a valued flooring material.

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