Make a Great Hardwood Floor Investment in Hayfield, VA; DIY VS Professional Install & More

When investing in new floors, there are often regrets connected to poor decisions. As there are a ton of flooring options on today’s market, picking the right flooring has become overwhelming. To help you avoid making the wrong choices or leaving you with floors you simply regret, Mike’s Custom Flooring will share a few tips when looking for new floors to install in your home.

Preparing & Leveling Subfloor for Hardwood Flooring

Many people will want a certain type of floor such as hard wood floors, laminate, engineered, or vinyl flooring. However, each type of flooring has different installation methods as well as underlayment. Due to the various types of installation methods and underlayment needed, the type of subfloor also impacts the type of flooring installed. There are four major types of subfloor you see: concrete, OSB, plank, and plywood subflooring. Each type of subfloor will require its own type of prep work, often including cleaning, drying, and making sure it is smoothed out and flat. Make sure when buying your flooring it works with your type of subfloor and then properly prep the subfloor before installing the flooring.

DIY VS Professional Hardwood Floor Install

As there are many easier installation methods for laminate, engineered, or vinyl floors and even some hardwood flooring, more and more people are doing their on installation. While some flooring can be installed easily, there is a lot to know about subfloor prep, plank layout, and clean installation. For those who have never installed any of these types of floor, consider seeking out professional installation to prevent small to major flaws or mistakes that make you hate your new flooring.

Choose Quality Hardwood Floors

Many people will go for a cheaper flooring to help save money. However, make sure you know what you’re paying for and be happy with your choices. Often cheaper floor mean less quality of the material in both integrity and aesthetics. High traffic area will show quicker on cheaper materials. Additionally, avoid buying the cheapest underlayment. The underlayment for the different flooring helps protect the flooring from moisture damage and also helps to reduce echoing.

Hardwood Flooring Proper Measurements

Make sure you do all your research on what additional materials goes with the flooring such as trim, stair step molds, or edges that may be needed. Not all flooring will have the right matching pieces for the home and flooring layout. Next, make sure to measure the area correctly and buy a few additional boxes. As mistakes can occur, you also may want replacement pieces. If damages happen in the future, you have matching flooring. Some flooring may never be manufactured again which is why it is always recommended to have a few extra pieces.

Caring for Hardwood Floors

Never disregard the manufactures maintenance instructions. Proper cleaning and care will help extend the life of the flooring. Some flooring, especially natural woods, are sensitive to humidity and moisture. Often humidity control is recommended. Never over wet certain floors as they can absorb the water and ruin the wood.

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