Wooden Floor or Carpet in Your Greenbriar, VA Home? Hardwood Flooring is Easy to Clean & More

If you are ready to install new flooring in your home you are probably trying to decide what type of flooring is the best option. You may find yourself looking at the flooring in every home or office that you walk into. In your head you probably have a pros and cons list for each flooring type. Or maybe you have started writing your list down. Many people narrow their choices down to carpet or wood flooring. If this is where you are at Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to help! There are definite pros and cons to each type of flooring option. We are going to help you go over the pros and cons of carpet and wood flooring.

What are Some Advantages or Disadvantages of Carpet?

For most people the number one reason that they are contemplating carpet is that it is soft. When you are walking barefoot through your home carpet definitely feels the softest underneath your bare feet. Many people like to have carpet for this reason alone. Carpet is also warm on your feet. When you wake up on a cold winter morning and put your feet on carpet your feet will stay nice and warm. Another perk to carpet is that it helps absorb the sound. This can be especially helpful if you have children. The sound of kids’ feet on carpet is not loud like it is on other types of flooring. One of the largest downsides to carpet is that it does not last nearly as long as wood flooring. Carpet fibers eventually start to look worn down and dirty even if you care for it adequately. Keeping your carpet clean can be hard. You can clean spills out of carpet but it is more work than cleaning it out of wood flooring. If you have family members that have allergies carpet is not your best choice. Carpet holds dirt particles in the fibers and increase allergy symptoms for most people.

Pros & Cons of Hardwood Flooring

Now let’s move on to the perks of wood flooring. Wood flooring is extremely easy to maintain. If you spill on your wood floors it is simple to get it cleaned up. Since wood floors do not have fibers like carpet dirt particles do not get stuck in your flooring. This will help keep allergy symptoms at bay. One of the largest perks is that wood flooring is extremely durable and long lasting. You will be able to have your wood flooring in your home for many years. There are also some cons to wood flooring. Wood flooring is not as soft on your feet as carpet is. Wood flooring does not absorb sound as well. Both of these problems can be solved with area rugs and slippers though. Typically wood flooring is more expensive than carpet. If you choose to go with a wood laminate this is not always the case though.

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So what kind of flooring is best for your home? The answer is up to you. Many times people will actually decide that they want both carpet and wood flooring in their home. Here at Mike’s Custom Flooring we help our customers install wood flooring in some areas of their home while they leave carpet in other areas. Once you have made your decision give us a call so that we can help you get started on your project.

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