Pros of Hardwood Engineered & Laminate Floating Floors VS Nailed & Glue Down Over Concrete Subfloors in Round Hill & Loudoun County, VA

Consider Hardwood Floating Floors

Hardwood flooring has grown immensely in popularity and is fast becoming the number one flooring option for the majority of homeowners. Once you have decided on wood as your main flooring option, there are more decisions to be made. Floating hardwood floors are an option to go with, while solid hardwoods are not able to be installed as floating floor, engineered and laminate hardwood is. Engineered hardwood floors are real wood floors that are manufactured for enhanced stability. On the surface they look and perform exactly like solid hardwood floors, but their inner core consists of multi-layers that provide additional strength and make the boards resistant to change in temperature and humidity. Laminate floors are a multi-layer synthetic flooring fused together during the lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer. Mike’s Custom Flooring is skilled and experienced in installing floating hardwood floors for your home.

What is a Floating Hardwood Floor?

Unlike traditional solid wood strips, a floating floor is not nailed down. Instead after a special underlayment has been laid down to help smooth out minor flaws in the subflooring, provide an additional moisture barrier, greater noise reduction and a softer feel underfoot; the planks are snapped and/or glued together. Floating floor installation from Mike’s Custom flooring moves quickly because the wood planks go over virtually any material. Concrete, plywood, sheet vinyl and ceramic tile can all be covered by hardwood floating floors. Many people choose to go with the floating floor because it looks great and it also saves them time from having to pull up the entire existing floor. Mike’s Custom Flooring will quickly and professionally install your hardwood floating floor and your home will be ready for furniture the next day! Other floor options take a great deal of time to install and perfect. Floating hardwood floors are stress free and installed in a shorter amount of time.

Benefits to installing an Engineered or Laminate Floating Floor

There are many benefits to installing floating floors throughout your home. When you choose to go with floating floors, you eliminate the hassle and extra expense of nailing, stapling, or gluing the planks to the sub floor. Since a floating floor is never secured to the sub floor underneath, homeowners can install these floors in areas that nailed down or stapled down floors are not recommended for. Floating floors installed by Mike’s Custom Flooring are ideal for going over concrete slabs, particle board and existing flooring. If you wanted to, you could take the floating floor with you when you move by simply unlocking each plank and packing it in your moving truck and use it again at your newly purchased home. Floating floors are able to contract and expand when the weather and humidity change throughout the year. This prevents any damage to the floor from happening as it is allowed to freely grow or shrink without cracking or bulging or putting pressure on baseboards. Mike’s Custom Flooring is skilled and experienced when it comes to installing floating hardwood floors throughout your home. Not only will your floor look beautiful after installation, but the floating hardwood floor will last for a long time.

Mike’s Custom Flooring offers hardwood floating floor installation in Charles Town & Eastern Panhandle of Berkeley & Jefferson Counties in WV | Winchester & Frederick County | Round Hill & Loudoun County | Fairfax County VA.

Floating hardwood floor laminate and engineered planks are strong, durable and will prove to be a great investment to your home. Contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today for the best floating floor installation service available.

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