Should I Hire a Flooring Contractor to Refinish My Hardwood Floors or Attempt it Myself & Risk Needing to Replace Them in Winchester & Frederick County VA?

If you have started to notice too many scratches, dings and scrapes on your hardwood floors that you are not happy about, you maybe need to look into having them refinished. You may think that you have refinished some wood furniture and it can’t be too hard. Well refinishing hardwood floors is serious business and should be left to the professionals. There are several reasons why it is better to hire a professional that can end up saving you money. The number one reason that homeowners choose to take on their own home improvement projects is they assume it will save them money. The biggest problem is that the repairs and work can end up costing you more money. If you start a project such as refinishing your floors you may get to a point and not feel confident enough to finish. You may get to a point and realize that you have made a mistake and the floors can no longer be saved, This can leave you hiring a professional that will now have to work harder to fix your mistake or you have to purchase and install all new floors and that is costly.

Mike’s Custom Flooring lists some reasons you want to hire a professional to refinish your hardwood floors.

Refinishing Your Floors Can Make A Mess: When a professional comes to your home to refinish your floors they often have specialized systems that are used to sand down the floors while keeping the dust contained. This system is for commercial use and is to be used by a professional. If you start to do your own floors you will quickly notice the amount of dust that ends up not only in the room you are having the floors refinished but all over your home. Getting rid of this amount of dust is hard and can take several weeks for all the dust to finish settling so you can get it all out of the home. This is a huge deterrent for most homeowners and a reason to just go and hire a professional.
Refinishing Your Floors Can Cause Damage: If you want to refinish your natural hardwood floors, you need to be extremely careful. This process strips your hardwood floors down from clear coat and sealant as well as a very thin layer of the wood. If you go and remove too much of the wood grain, you will be left with pieces that are too thin to stain and reseal. It is such a small amount that can put you over the edge and end up costing you money to replace the entire floor. When you hire a professional like Mike’s Custom Flooring have the ability to test the wood depth and take off the exact amount that is needed to refinish the wood floors beautifully.

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