Quick Fix for Squeaky Hardwood Floors in Kearneysville, WV; Before & After Installing Wood Flooring

Your hardwood will last for years and even decades with the right installation techniques, along with routine care and maintenance. Whether you have recently installed hardwood floors, or they have been installed for years, hardwood floors can develop noises when they are being walked upon. Where this can be more of a nuisance, it can still be enough of a bother to want to remedy the problem. With this in mind, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to further elaborate on the noisy hardwood floors and how to keep them quiet in your home.

Before Installing Hardwood Floors

This scenario is based on those circumstances when you are preparing to install a new hardwood floor. You have got some thinking and planning to do before the installation takes place. Because one way to cut down on the noise is to have an underlayment installed at the same time as your floors, it is important to research the underlayment and the type ideal for noise control and for your type of wood flooring. In addition to increasing the floor’s durability, the underlayment will form a barrier that absorbs sound. Designed of several different materials, the underlayment can include vinyl, rubber, and reinforced foam, among others. It all comes down to which one you prefer for the longevity and performance.

After Hardwood Floor Installation

There might not be much you can do to deal with noisy hardwood floors for those renting a home. However, you have more options at your disposal when you own the home surfaced in wood flooring. Consider the right use of furniture to help absorb the noise with your sofas, sectionals, and armchairs. Making more of a difference than you might think, decorating also includes upholstery, fabrics, and throw rugs that you can use to your advantage. To help quiet the noise, window treatments and wall coverings can also be useful. Be sure to choose thicker materials in the event you opt to use window treatments and wall coverings.

Check Hardwood Floor Planks

In addition to having to do your best to take care of it, it is easy to take your gorgeous hardwood for granted. Every time you walk around your home, the gapping and cupping can lead to those annoying noises. Between the joists and subfloors, this comes from friction between the boards or a gap. If you have one and look up, go into your basement. While you watch what happens, have a family member walk across the floors upstairs. Doing this exercise can help you identify the problem and find the right remedy.

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You can count on the professionals, whether you want to spare the awkward noise later and have quality installation, or if you want to remedy the nuisance and have an expert make adjustments. The professionals of Mike’s Custom Flooring is readily available to assist you with a number of wood floor services and ensure high-quality services. Contact us today!

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