Rift & Quarter Sawn White Oak Flooring in Ranson, VA; Janka Rating, Wood Grade, Installation Cost & More

There is quite a bit of intrigue when it comes to rift and quartered white oak flooring. Because of the growing interest in the type of flooring and the beauty it possesses, more and more homeowners and businesses are taking advantage of rift and quartered white oak. With this in mind we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to further discuss the rift and quartered white oak flooring for an option for you Virginia home.

Why Do Rift & Quarter Sawn White Oak Floors Cost More?

With very straight grain lines, that establish a very modernized and clean floor, the rift and quartered white oak floors cut produces an extremely stable surface, since the cut is at a slightly different angle than live sawn flooring. Making this a potentially pricier option than other wood flooring options, there is extra labor involved and added waste, though most would agree that it is well worth the investment.

Janka Rating of White Oak Flooring

In addition to an increased shock and wear resistance, characterized by a cream, white, or light brown color, white oak flooring, an all oak species, features an open yet somewhat coarse grain. Also, it has a Janka scale rating of 1360. This Janka scale rating determines the hardness of the wood plank. The idea of the Janka rating gives consumers an idea how long White Oak lasts. Unlike the red oak counterpart, White Oak is slightly more durable and better for machining and features a higher concentration of tannic acid that allows for more fungi and insect resistance.

White Oak Wood Grade

A rift or quarter sawn cut further alters the appearance of the hardwood as white oak is often given more than a plain sawn cut and along with the physical character attributes. With a plain sawn cut, white oak is given a plumed appearance. As it makes the quarter sawn look like a tiger stripe or flake pattern, forging a more visually striking style, the rift sawn has a tendency to have a tighter grain on the other hand. Being generally the most common with the grading aside, out of plain, rift, or quart sawn, plain sawn is the less inexpensive. Where all cuts made to the log are strictly parallel, rift and quartered white oak tend to feature radial arrangements. Though the rift sawn annual rings are positioned 30 to 60 degrees, the quarter sawn, has the growth rings at a 45 to 90-degree angle with the board’s surface.

Is Warping a Problem of Rift & Quarter Sawn?

The advantage expansion of the hardwood, the cut gives solid white oak an added benefit besides a stunning appearance. Due to solid hardwood should never be installed below grade, on the surface of radiant heat, or on a concrete subfloor, quarter sawn tends to have the least amount of warping as well, the hardwood expands vertically. Resulting to the greatest amount of movement, plain sawn has the most risk of warping.

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