Tips to Prevent Hardwood Floor Cupping in Ashburn, VA; Acclimate Wood Flooring, Proper Installation & More

Hardwood floors are a major investment that enhance the beauty of any home. There are many different types of hardwood floors and all are prone to cupping. Cupping can completely ruin hardwood flooring, demanding repair or replacement. Mike’s Custom Flooring will share what cupping is and what you can do to prevent it from ruining your hardwood floors.

What Causes Hardwood Floor Cupping?

Cupping is when the planks of the hardwood floor become higher around the edges. Each plank will form a cup like shape which is where the term “cupping” comes from. Now the planks are concaved creating ripples like the ocean going across your home. Cupping is caused when moisture levels elevate and saturate the air inside the home. After only a few days of high moisture levels, hardwood floors will have obvious cupping. Hardwood flooring is not the only wood flooring that will develop cupping. Engineered wood flooring can develop cupping too. When it comes to engineered flooring, once cupping develops, it often requires replacement where hardwood floors can be sanded down and repaired. However, it is far better to prevent cupping than deal with the consequences.

How to Prevent Hardwood Floor Cupping

Cupping is a major problem during the hot humid summer seasons. The humidity during the summer often gets trapped indoors. It is during the summer season you will want to work hard to prevent cupping. Below are the top best ways to prevent or minimize cupping:
Acclimate Wood Flooring: For climates with high humidity it is recommended to install acclimated woods. For those with wood flooring, this tip may not help prevent cupping of your current wood floors. However, if you find you want to install more hardwood flooring or replace damaged flooring, find a hardwood species that already grows naturally in your climate.
Proper Hardwood Floor Installation: Hard wood floors develop cupping because the humidity is causing the wood to expand. When wood flooring isn’t properly installed, they will cup faster. Wood flooring that is properly fastened will be able to resist the cupping effects longer. When installing hardwood flooring, it is strongly recommended to seek quality installation services.
Install Humidifiers: To help prevent cupping it is recommended to install a whole-home humidifier. A whole-home humidifier works in conjunction with the home HVAC system. It can help control the humidity inside the home, preventing humidity from going too high or too low. Different wood will require a certain level of humidity, so do keep the home too dry.
Proper Cleaning of Hardwood Floors: It is super important that wood floors are cleaned. When mopping their wood floor, many people will over soak the wood. The moisture combined with the summer heat will cause cupping. When cleaning wood floors they should be swept clean frequently. When mopping, make sure the mop is only damp. In most cases, the wood can be cleaned with plain water. Some wood floors may require special cleaners to help prevent wood from drying out. Make sure to know what type of wood is in your home and follow proper cleaning procedures.
Use Ventilation: Rooms like bathrooms, kitchen and laundry rooms use exhaust ventilation to remove excess moisture. If wood floors are in the kitchen, laundry room, or in a bathroom, make sure to run the exhaust vents to prevent moisture from building up and damaging the wood floor.

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