Ways You Could Be Causing Damage to Your Hardwood Floors in Winchester, VA? Using the Wrong Mops, Denting with High Heels & More

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful way to add an organic feel to your home. When you have hardwood flooring installed in your home, it is a big investment. You wouldn’t want to do anything that would unknowingly ruin them. Unfortunately, homeowners do it all the time. Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to talk about ways you might be ruining your hardwood flooring and aren’t even aware you are doing it.

Using the Wrong Hardwood Floor Cleaner

When you have hardwood flooring, there are several different finishes you can choose from. Each of those finishes will require different cleaning methods. You should never use harsh chemicals on hardwood flooring since it will damage the flooring and strip off the finish. Some cleaners have a wax as well which can build up on your flooring.

Using the Wrong Mops & Tools to Clean Your Hardwood Flooring

Not only should you use the right cleaning solution on your floors, but you should use the right tools as well. Steam mops are a popular cleaning choice, but can do damage to your flooring with the amount of water that is applied. You should also avoid oversaturating your regular mop with fluid as it can cause damage to your floor. Avoid using any cleaning tools that have an abrasive scrubbing tool on them or you will end up scratching your floors.

High Heels & Stilettos Can Dent & Damage Hardwood Flooring

Although high heels look great when they are paired with the right outfit, when you have hardwood flooring, they could be causing damage. This is especially true when the heel is stiletto. There is a lot of pressure in one small area and will gauge the finish on the wood.

Choosing Not to Use Rugs in High Traffic Areas

Rugs are one of the best ways to protect your hardwood flooring. They are easily removable and can be cleaned. When you have area rugs in the high traffic areas of your home, they will gather the dirt and debris rather than your flooring and end up saving the finish on your floors.

Opting Not to Use Furniture Pads & Grippers

On the feet of all your furniture, you should have furniture pads placed under them. This is especially true for furniture like dining room chairs that will be slid in and out from underneath a table. When you don’t do this, you will end up with needless scratches all over your flooring. Furniture pads will also keep your couches and chairs from sliding all over the floor when you go to sit in them. It is a win all around.

Not Trimming Your Dog’s Nails that Are Too Long

If you have a pet in the house, it is important that their nails stay trimmed. As your pet runs around, their nails can scratch your flooring just like any other abrasive surface. Don’t let your pet’s nails ruin your wood floor.

Waiting too Long to Have Your Flooring Refinished

Over time, it is inevitable that you will need to refinish your hardwood floors. It might seem like a big job, and it will be tempting to put it off. If you put off having your hardwood flooring refinished, you run the risk of permanent damage.

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Avoid making any of the mistakes listed above so you can get the most out of your flooring. Mike’s Custom Flooring offers hardwood flooring installation and refinishing to keep your floors stunning. Call us today!

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