Hardwood Flooring Staircase Designs & Installs in Round Hill, VA; Solid Stair Tread or Strip & Plank, Natural or Painted Risers & More

Do you want hardwood steps installed on your stairway? Many other people do as well! They find it is easier to clean and maintain than carpeted stairs. There are a few styles you can choose from that will give your stairway the look you desire. Mike’s Custom Flooring will share some of the hardwood style staircases so you can see which one sparks your interest. Perhaps we can give you an idea that you would like to pursue in your home.

Stair Riser, Treat & Stringer

To start, you first may want to understand some basic terms so you can fully understand or picture what kind of wood stairs you would want to have in your home. There are three major parts to a stairway. One is the Stair Riser which is the vertical part of each step of the stair. most people would call it a foot board. The second being the Stair Tread which is the actual step of the staircase. The third is the Stair Stringer which is the side of the wall that the each step attaches to. When determining what type or style of wood stairs you prefer, you should keep these terms in mind.

Solid Stair Tread or Strip & Plank

You can choose from a few styles of treads or steps for a wooden staircase. You can have one solid piece of wood per step, which gives it a fuller look. Or if you already have wood flooring, either on the first or second floor of your home, but can’t quite match the planking or strip, you can blend a similar color of wood that matches the other wood floor in your home. This helps to combine a diverse or multi color wooden floor.

Painted or Natural Wood Stair Design Appearance

Now you can also choose how you want your staircase to look. You can choose to have wooden stair risers or a painted riser. Each brings their own unique style and look to your home. The question is, do you like a solid wooden looking stairway or do you want each step to pop out more by using a painted riser. A painted riser breaks up the look of the staircase. This, of course, will be determined by the homeowner; to suit their taste as well as desired look of your staircase.

Installing Hardwood Stairs

Once you have determined the desired style of your stairway, installation only takes a few hours or so to complete, depending on the experience of the crew. Note that a few alterations of the staircase may be necessary, depending on how the staircase was originally designed. It mostly has to do with how the stair’s substrates were installed. Substrates are what reduce the noise when walking on the staircase.

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Replacing your carpeted stairs with hardwood will be a worthwhile investment to your home. No more vacuuming stairs which is always a backbreaking endeavor. In addition, spills and other such accidents are easily cleaned. Mike’s Custom Flooring can help discuss style and installation of a hardwood floor staircase for your home. Contact Mike’s Custom Flooring and discuss getting your beautiful hardwood staircase today.

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