What Hardwood Floors are in Style in 2022 in Falling Waters, WV? Wood with Cool Undertones, Natural & More

Wood floors have been used in homes and businesses for centuries. Being a timeless classic, wood floors compliment nearly any look and color scheme in your home and business. As trends come and go, the wood floor element continues. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share the current trends surrounding wood floors.

2022 Wood Floor Trends

1) Wood Floors with Cool Undertones. They are certainly an option that hardwood flooring companies have seen grow in popularity over the past few years, though cool tones are not a new trend. Consumers interest is in muted colors including cooler browns and dark colors, which will likely be displayed in flooring stores.
2) Natural Wood Floors. Light, natural hardwood floors are making a comeback. You will likely come across natural hardwood and hardwood finishes since they are traditional and timeless. This rustic look works well with a number of interior designs as you can see the annual rings, knots, and other features present in trees with these types of planks.
3) Dark Wood Floors. Being very popular these years are the dark hardwoods, especially the ones that fall within the cool tones category. Any light-colored walls and décor are complimented with dark woods like dark bamboo, true black finishes, and dark walnut.
4) Textured Hardwood Flooring. Among young homeowners, an old, rustic look that’s become super popular are created with wire-brushed, distressed, and hand-scraped wood. With brick and farmhouse interior design elements and architecture, the textured hardwood is an exceptional feature.
5) Grey Wood Floors. Grey blends like greige (grey and beige), grey browns, and even grey blacks though greys, and grey variations, have been a popular option over the past several years. Charcoal grey blends are attracting a lot of attention. For homes with a contemporary look and pairs well with bold colors, black and white, this is a great option.
6) High Color Variation Wood Flooring. Being an extension of the natural wood trend, no two planks are the same with color variant hardwood. The overall appearance of the two-toned planks creates a rustic look, the variation in color, texture, and plank size gives the impression that your floors were custom-made for your home. Because the bold look of color variant hardwood is sure to make your floors the focal point of your home, this type of flooring works best with simple décor.
7) Thicker, Longer Wood Planks. The length of hardwood floor planks matters tremendously in addition to color and texture. Because they make the area appear less cluttered, and they’re a more traditional option compared to shorter planks, for smaller homes and rooms, long planks are a great option. You’ll want wood planks that are at least 7 “to 7 ½” long for this look.
8) Wider Wood Planks. With your hardwood floor planks, consider going wider. Wide planks are the best way to open up a small space, much like long wood planks. Whether it’s rustic, contemporary, or anywhere in between, they are also great for enhancing your home’s overall aesthetic.
9) Herringbone Wood Floors. By placing two planks at a 90-degree angle, you create Herringbone flooring. For making rooms appear larger, this unique pattern is great. This pattern was originally made with wood tiles, but flooring installers have been putting herringbone in American homes for years. You can create the herringbone look with pretty much any type of hardwood.

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