When Should a Hardwood Floor Be Refinished in Shawnee Land, VA? Dull or Damaged Floors & More

Hardwood floors, like any other material, will require maintenance and care. Even though wood floors are extremely durable, they too will eventually need major restoration. The beauty about hardwood floors is that they can be restored even after years of abuse. However, not everyone knows when it is the right time to restore their hardwood floors. Mikes Custom Flooring will share some of the common signs that your hardwood floors need to be restored.

Dull, Cloudy or Damaged Hardwood Floors

You can often tell when hardwood floors need to be restored simply by the way they look. When hardwood floors begin to look dull or even gray in color, this is a classic sign that the wood needs to be restored. Hardwood floors can also develop scratches and be damaged by water or humidity. When hardwood floors have signs of any kind of damage, this is another sign that your hardwood floor needs to be restored.

Test Hardwood Floors

If you are ever unsure as to whether it is time to restore your hardwood floors, you can always perform a simple test. You can pour a tablespoon of water on the floor’s surface and wait a few minute. Afterward, wipe the water away and see if the wood has absorbed the water. If the wood did absorb the water, this means the sealant has worn away and weakened. The hardwood floor needs to maintain its sealer to prevent major damage, especially from humidity and water. When the sealer is worn down, you will want to have at least the wood floor cleaned and resealed. However, when the sealer is gone and your hardwood has aesthetic problems as well, this is a good sign to have your hardwood floors restored.

How Long Does a Refinished Hardwood Floor Last?

Have you ever restored your hardwood floor before, and if so how long ago was it? It is recommended to have the hardwood floor restored about every ten to fifteen years. A highly used hardwood floor may need restoration even sooner. Additionally, the type of wood may also determine how often you will need to restore the floors. Softer wood will also need to be restored more often than a harder wood. It helps to know what type of hardwood was used for your floors.

What Does a Wood Floor Restorer Do?

Hardwood floor restoration is also known as hardwood floor refinishing. This is when the hardwood floors are first stripped of its sealer and then it is sanded down to remove the dry, cracked surface of the wood. Sanding the surface also helps to smooth out the wood and remove any scratches and other problems such as cupping. Once the wood floor has been sanded down, it is ready to be stained and sealed. Hardwood floors can be restored many times in the life of the floor. After restoring the hardwood floors, the floor will look new, clean, and beautiful.

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