Where is the Best Area & Worst Place to Install Hardwood Flooring in Your Stephens City, VA Home?

No matter if you opt for engineered or solid hardwood floors, an exciting change is upgrading your home with wood floors. Any interior design and any color scheme can be made all the more elegant with hardwood floors. If they are well cared for, they are fairly easy to maintain and can last for quite some time as the wood flooring has many benefits. When it comes to hardwood floors, there are rooms that are exceptional and other rooms where they are best avoided, however. With this in mind, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to touch on the rooms safely surfaced with wood floors, and the rooms you should consider other flooring options.

Is Wooden Flooring Good for a Den, Living or Dining Room?

Wood floors would be amazing in the following rooms listed below with proper daily maintenance and care.
Living Room. Make the living room look gorgeous, yet comfortable with wood flooring. The wood floor is the perfect touch, no matter if you enjoy hosting events with family and friends or love quiet nights with the family. For soft and shaggy area rugs add color and cozy places to walk or lounge, and doormats at the entrances minimize the dirt from getting tracked in.
Den. The perfect conditions for hardwood flooring are in a den. Den offers make rich tones of wood floors pop with the general décor and setting, along with the climate is ideal.
Dining Room. The hardwood floors will contribute to the look and any spills can be easily and promptly wiped clean for simple maintenance and to prevent any damage, no matter if your dining room is design for a more formal setting or a cozy casual family orientation.

What Areas is Wood Flooring Not Recommended

Making them a rather tempting addition to any room in the home, hardwood floors are stunning. In different rooms, there are different circumstances that make hardwood floors a little less practical, however. Homeowners have been tempted to install it in every part of their home, since hardwood flooring is so gorgeous. It doesn’t work well in all places while we agree that hardwood is the superior flooring choice.
Bathroom. Wood floors are not cohesive to water. Not only do they generate water, but humidity as well. Water is easily splashed, flooded, and dripped onto the floors from a host of scenarios. Making bathrooms the worst place to install wood floors, hardwood floors are quickly damaged with direct contact water.
Laundry Room. Water and humidity can make contact with wood floor in a laundry room. Detergents are easily spilt and washing machines are capable of springing a leak, the drying clothes can produce the humid conditions. Hardwood floors is not an ideal place for hardwood floors.
Foyer. The worst thing on wood floors is water. Dirt and other granule particles is the second worst thing. Foot traffic creates friction creating unsightly scratches on your beautiful wood floor since particles are natural abrasives. People will easily track in sand, dirt, mud, and even let rain and possible snow inside, making the wood floor look appalling because the foyer is the main entrance where people open and close the door.

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