Why Do Floors Creak in Stephens City, VA? How to Stop Squeaky Hardwood Flooring

Does your hardwood floor creak and squeak when you or some other household member walks across it? This isn’t only distracting but annoying especially late at night or in those early mornings. For those wondering what causes their wood floor to squeak and what they can do to stop it, Mike’s Custom Flooring has a few answers.

Why Do Hardwood Floors Creak & Squeak?

Depending on the way your hardwood flooring was installed, or even the type of flooring material used, can cause wood floors to squeak. Hardwood floors that use nails to hold the board in place can be the source of the squeaking as well. As the wood flexes as it gets walked on, the nail holes become loose. The wood and the nail rub against each other which results in the squeaking. For wood that has been glued in place the same thing can occur. However when the board flexes, the squeaking noise comes from rubbing against the adjoining wood. Nonetheless, the leading cause for any type of wood floor to squeak is due to seasonal changes. As the temperature changes throughout the year, the wood will expand and contract. As the boards rub against each other, they will squeak. That is why you may have noticed some periods of time where your floors are quiet and other times they creak and squeak.

How to Fix Squeaky Hardwood Floors

There are several ways to help stop the loud squeaking noises from your wood floors.
Lubricate Hardwood Floors with Baby or Graphite Powder & More. One method is to lubricate the seams of the wood floors with powdered soapstone, talcum powder, or even powder graphite. Any one of these lubrications will work for any type of wood floor. Follow the manufacturers directions to apply. However, most will use a cloth dipped in the powder and rub it into the seams of the boards. For wood floors that use a wax coating, you can use the wax to also lube in between the seams as well.
Hardwood Floor Glazier Points. Another method is to use glazier points which are small triangular metal pieces that are typically used for windows. You can wedge the glazier into the floor board to help tighten and hold them in place. You don’t necessarily need to do your entire floor, just the areas that seem loose.
Finish Nails for Hardwood Flooring. It may also help to stop the squeaks if you add or drive in finishing nails. If you choose to use this method make sure to pre-drill the hole before pushing the nails through. By pre-drilling the hole for the nail it should prevent the wood from cracking or splitting. Make sure not to drill through your sub-flooring or the nails won’t hold strongly.
Repair Sub-flooring. Not all the squeaking is caused by the wood floor itself. Sometimes it’s not the wood floor at all, but the sub-floor instead. Sub-flooring can be fixed. Most methods that help stop those irritating noises include the use of shims, screwing into the joists or creating a bridge to help stop the squeaks. However, when it comes to repairing sub-flooring, it is strongly recommend hiring a professional.

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If you’re having problem with loud squeaky wood floors, try one of the above remedies to help silence your wood floors. Mike’s Custom Flooring can also help by providing our wood floor refinishing and waxing services to help ensure your wood is cared for properly. Contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today!

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