Why Do My Hardwood Floors Look So Dull & How Do I Make My Wood Flooring Shine in Mason Neck, VA?

Dulling wood floors are nothing a homeowner wants. Hardwood floors are a significant investment in the house and ensuring they remain shiny and in the best condition is usually the goal. If you ignore the need for routine upkeep, the hardwood floors start to lose their shine. You need to restore them as soon as possible since dull-looking floors are unattractive. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to discuss dull wood floors.

Why Do My Hardwood Floors Look Hazy?

You may end up with dull and hazy floors for many reasons. The most common contributing factors include the following list below.
1) Harmful Cleaning Products Use. The best care and maintenance are essential for preserving pristine floors. Your wood floors can be left dull due to cleaning agents containing harmful components.
After cleaning, these cleaning products leave residues and streaks behind, which compromises the integrity of the floors.
2) Normal Wear and Tear. Most exposed to wear and tear is the shiny part of the floor is the outermost layer. Exposing the dull one below it, the continued floor use depletes the glossy top surface.
3) Poor Finishing During Installation. As the final coat to offer your floors the perfect shine, the finish is applied. It comes off and creates a dull look if the coat might be misapplied.
4) Moisture Issues. Moisture problems can destroy the flooring finish since hardwood floors don’t do well with water. Water has mineral and salt deposits that react with the floor finish to leave a hazy look as well.

Tips to Prevent Dull Hardwood Flooring

You can prevent the whole process, though hardwood floors get hazy over time. Below are a few tips to help you maintain a shiny floor.
1) Without causing them to haze, using the proper cleaners with pH-neutral cleaning agents are gentler on the hardwood floor finish and clear stains.
2) Damaged streaks are not left when you use fewer amounts of the cleaning product to help you achieve a clean floor.
3) You can reduce wear and tear or damage to the floor by using the right cleaning equipment and practices. You end up retaining shiny floors.
4) To help eliminate particles that are harmful to your floor, you need regular cleaning and dust mopping.

How Do I Get My Dull Hardwood Floors to Shine Again?

You should try restoring their shiny feature if you already have dull wood floors. Dissolving the built-up layer is required by eliminating the dull look on hardwood floors. Below are tips to restore hazy floors.
1) Ammonia Solution. Perfect for cleaning marks and sticky stains on surfaces is ammonia solution. When clearing haze buildup on the floor, the powerful cleaner also works well. To do away with the haze, gently moping through the affected area using the ammonia solution can help. Ro remove the excess ammonia residue and enjoy the perfect results, rinse the area thoroughly.
2) Cleaners. You should opt for natural or industry standard cleaners, instead of using harmful cleaning products. Consider the wood cleaners specifically designed for hardwood.
3) Hardwood Floor Refinishing. The haze on the floor results from extensive wear and tear on its finish in some cases. For the perfect shine, the best solution would be to apply a new finish. They handle floor sanding and polish for the ideal finish, you need to hire an expert for the best results.

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