How Do You Know if Your Hardwood Floors Need Refinishing in Vienna, VA? Scratches, Gouges & More

When you are lucky enough to have hardwood flooring in your home, you know how beautiful they can be. Nothing will add the same organic beauty that hardwood flooring will. Even though you are more than likely careful with your hardwood flooring, there is going to be some damage that happens throughout time. The great thing about hardwood is that you can have your hardwood floor refinished to erase all the years of wear and tear. Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to talk about some of the signs that may point to refinishing.

When Should Hardwood Floors Be Resurfaced?

There are going to be several signs that indicate it’s time to have your hardwood floor refinished. Following is what you should be looking for.
– Scratches on Hardwood Flooring: There is almost no way around scratches when you have hardwood flooring. Even when you are extremely careful, these scratches happen during daily wear and tear. Some scratching is going to be worse than others though. If you find that you have serious scratching on your hardwood flooring, you may want to consider refinishing to get rid of them.
– Hardwood Floor Gouges & Chipping: If you have small children or pets at home, you may find more than just surface scratching on your hardwood flooring. Anytime you have deep gouges or chipping, it is time to call in the pros to help repair them before water seeps in and causes serious damage to your hardwood.
– Wood Discoloration: If you start to notice that there is some graying on certain areas of your hardwood flooring, know that this is a very natural sign of aging. It more than likely means that the polyurethane has started to wear off and water has been able to get to your hardwood floor. This is nothing that refinishing won’t be able to fix though.
– Excessive Hardwood Floor Staining: Staining is another issue that is common with hardwood flooring. Some staining is going to be worse than others. If you have serious staining on your flooring, you may want to consider having the floor refinished to get rid of it.
– Sun Damage to Hardwood Floors: Natural light is a huge plus in any house, but the sun can also be damaging to your hardwood flooring. You may notice that the sun starts to cause discoloration over time. The only way to completely solve this problem is to have your flooring refinished.
– Water Damaged Wood Flooring: Water and hardwood flooring certainly doesn’t mix. If you have had some water damage happen to your hardwood floors, you may want to consider refinishing and repair to get them back to their original beauty.

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