What is the Difference Between Chevron & Herringbone Parquet Pattern Wood Flooring in Wakefield, VA?

Herringbone and chevron floors have graced beautiful homes, mansions, and palaces throughout history. These patterns can help a space feel more luxurious, in addition to bringing visual variety and a strong focus to an interior design. It is easy to be confused about the differences between herringbone and chevron hardwood floors as these patterns are quite popular. There are some key differences in the way they are cut and installed, despite the fact that both patterns use short boards laid at an angle.

Where Did Herringbone & Chevron Floors Originate?

There is a long history with herringbone and chevron patterns, both making an appearance more than two millennia ago. The Herringbone pattern can be seen on ancient Roman roads, in textiles from ancient Italy, and in ancient Egyptian jewelry as a result of the skeletal structure of the herring fish.

Difference Between a Herringbone & Chevron Pattern

Chevron and Herringbone have quite similar patterns; however, they’re created in slightly different ways. From rectangular planks cut to the same size, Herringbone floors are made. Creating a broken zigzag pattern that is prized for its asymmetry, the planks are arranged at 90° to one another. It can help to open up smaller spaces as there is a great deal of visual movement on a Herringbone floor. A Chevron pattern is made with planks whose ends are angled, in contrast. The boards form an inverted V pattern upon fitting together. A Chevron floor pattern looks like a long string of arrows running across the floor. It can create a feeling of luxury and spaciousness as Chevron floors also add a lot of energy to a room.

Are Parquet Floors in Style?

Parquet floors are a great way to add a unique look to a room, however, you can get a unique look as well. You can show more or less of the wood’s personality in each plank by adjusting the length and width of your floorboards. You can use planks with contrasting hues or stains to emphasize a pattern. To get a sharper or shallower V shape in a Chevron floor, you simply need to change the angle at which the ends of the planks are cut. Using different colored planks or mixed hardwood flooring can add even more visual variety as well.

Installation of Patterns on a Wood Floor

Because the boards must be cut and laid out with precision within the pattern, Herringbone and Chevron floors are typically more expensive kind of floor polish Sherman Oaks than other types of floors. As Chevron boards require more cuts and precision in lining them up during installation, you may find a price difference between Chevron and Herringbone floors.

Engineered Floorboards

Herringbone and Chevron patterns can be designed with both solid hardwood and engineered wood floors. A veneer of hardwood is glued on top after multiple layers of material are glued together. This is better suited to environments with high moisture levels and humidity because a plank constructed in this way has a core that is very stable. In lofts where the floorboards are installed over a concrete slab, engineered Herringbone and Chevron floors are popular. Engineered floors can be installed in basements and other locations below grade, as well as over radiant heating systems as well.

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