Wooden Staircase Designs for Homes in Berryville, VA; Pros of Installing Hardwood Stairs

Are you planning to install hardwood floors in your home? Making a decision as to what type of wood flooring you want can be difficult. However, when it involves installing wood flooring on the stairs, many homeowners will begin to look at the various wood floor options and design for stairs and feel more than a little lost at times. Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to help explain the various wood floor stair designs and materials to better help you get a beautiful wood floor staircase.

Wooden Staircase Design

Stair Treads – One of the most widely used material used on stairs is treads. Stair treads use a single plank of wood with a rounded edge in the front of the step. When considering using a stair tread there are some varying factors such as; are the stair opened or enclosed? Open stairs require a stair tread to have a return which is an extra round edge on the sides of the steps as well as the front. Enclosed steps only require round tips in the front of each step.
Stair Risers – A stair riser is very similar to stair treads. They are a pre-cut single piece of wood. However, stair risers are used on the vertical section of the step. Most people don’t like trying to match the same wood to the vertical section of the step and often use white stair risers. Stair risers can be painted any color. However, most homeowners favor the white. The stair riser creates that two tone effect.
Stair Noses – A stair nose is a small piece or transition piece that goes on the tip of each step. They are often used when multiple pieces are cut and placed on each step and tip with a stair nose to prevent injury and seal the corners together. Stair noses commonly hide the transition from the stair raiser and the wood on the stair steps. Stair noses can be custom designed to help enhance your stairs and emphasize its unique features.

Pros of Wood Stairs

There are a number of benefits for installing wood floors other than matching the stairs with the rest of the flooring. Wood stairs are beautiful and add a unique flair to your home. As they are beautiful, they are also durable. With proper care, wood can last years, making it a worthwhile investment. Additionally, wood is easy to clean. For those who have stairs and have had to vacuum carpeted stairs know how difficult it is to keep stairs clean. With wood floors, they can be easily swept and cleaned with little effort. Spills and stain are easily wiped away and dust quickly removed.

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When you are shopping around for wood floors and want to have wood stalled on your stairs, consider these common stair flooring materials and which will look best in your home. For more help, or if you have more questions about installing wood floors on your stairway or in your home, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring. We provide quality floor installation services and can help find the right material for your home. For all your custom wood floor installation and maintenance needs, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today!

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